Table Management Suite

A sophisticated key piece in our cruise and hospitality management puzzle that is enabled and powered by the DeCurtis Experience Platform (DXP™).

Managing the many dining reservations across different venues during a voyage presents many operational challenges that can overwhelm staff and distract from the guest experience quickly. With the DXP™ Table Management module, restaurant hosts and managers can organize tables and seat guests as quickly and efficiently as possible in both open and rotational dining scenarios.

Guests can make reservations pre-cruise or while onboard, through signage or at any of the dining
locations on the ship, and these reservations are seamlessly updated in the restaurant’s inventory of tables. Reservations are processed and can be modified easily through the host panel of the application. Using the proximity-enabled Nearby screen of the host panel will allow the host to give a VIP-style greeting to guests as they approach the venue for their reservation. All allergies, special requests and preferences set by the guest are available quickly and easily to hosts and servers to further create a memorable dining experience that far exceeds expectations.


The admin panel for Table Management allows each venue to organize tables to their specific seating configuration, set dining sessions (i.e. breakfast, lunch, dinner) and timeslot durations for reservations and configure the number of tables available for pre-book based on capacity. Integration with Venue Manager, a centralized location for management of shipboard venues, enables features like a dashboard of restaurant statistics, menu management, the ability to assign beacons to define restaurant sections, role assignment for crew and financial settlements.


Guests are empowered to make reservations pre-cruise or while onboard and will enjoy a transformed dining experience.

  • Easily navigate available reservations through the guest-facing app 
  • Upload allergy information, special needs, special
    occasions and preferences for better service  
  • Virtual Queue allows guests to wait in a digital line instead of congregating in close spaces


Equipped with accurate information about dining locations and the guests coming to enjoy them, the crew is empowered to create better dining experiences.

  • Quickly identify guests based on location and proximity for concierge service 
  • Adapt to multiple dining styles based on individual venue needs  
  • Efficiently seat and serve guests to maximize a venue’s revenue potential