Suspicious Activity Search

Increasing the safety and security of working environments is more important than ever. Whether your industry requires routine security checks or a process for search and clear procedures, accountability and compliance with rules and regulations are necessary. Documenting security checks creates accountability and ensures a higher level of safety and security in any facility.

Smart businesses require a safety sweep process backed by industry-leading technology. Suspicious Activity Search (SAS) is that solution.

SAS can also work offline with Bluetooth capability to ensure no data is lost even if your infrastructure is down and has four modules that work collaboratively to make the search and clear process more efficient, accurate and timely,

The entire physical structure is broken down into mapped subsections or defined search zones to facilitate a more efficient search and clear process. SAS allows for the structured search of sites by assigning individuals to zones and requiring them to report back the results. Instant progress tracking is available from any location as the safety sweep is taking place.

Whether the event is a bomb threat, active shooter incident, or monthly hazardous chemical checks, SAS can improve the process by providing accountability, real-time data and reporting.

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  • Tablet entry to authenticate the person searching and the location being searched
  • Access to all areas for update of state and notation
  • Live list or state and updates .
  • Enabled NFC Tap, Beacon or other authentication validation
  • Real-time data synchronization (online) Full offline mode supported.
  • Online and offline operation


  • Real-time centralized monitoring and control
  • Visual of safety zone and clearance status
  • Ability to override (with appropriate credentials)
  • Full auditing and history
  • Dashboards and graphical statistics
  • Role-based permission management


  • Peer syncing of tablets when there is no available network
  • Supports cascaded peering
  • Automatic Bluetooth and visual indication of sync process


  • Single portal to monitor all buildings defined within a facility
  • One click access to the appropriate Command Center
  • Aggregated status of activities in each building
  • Real-time data access 

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Suspicious Activity Search is part of our health, safety and security portfolio of solutions designed to empower environments with critical data when needed.