Mobile Assembly Suite

Mobile Assembly Suite, the award-winning e-mustering solution from DeCurtis Corporation, is built to empower your crew during the entire muster drill process. Engineered in conjunction with a major cruise line operating out of Port Canaveral, MAS is the most complete, efficient and resilient e-mustering solution available on the market today. Paper-based models are dangerously outdated. Safety isn’t optional. Your guests and crew deserve the best solution available on the mainstream market.

Mobile Assembly Suite is that solution. A solution designed with safety in mind.

The Herculean task of safely moving all people on board to their appropriate assembly stations, accounting for them, reporting this data to the bridge, and then safely executing an evacuation requires practice, planning and the right tool. MAS is that tool. MAS empowers your crew with the latest advancements in technology, thereby increasing the overall effectiveness of your muster process.

MAS consists of three core modules built to provide easy and reliable data collection and rapid reporting before, during and after the mustering process. This puts critical data in the hands of the Captain, Bridge Officers, and Safety Teams, which empowers them to make informed decisions in a timely manner. MAS provides fast and accurate reporting that paper-based models simply cannot deliver.

Mobile Assembly Suite is easy to implement and can be seamlessly integrated into your existing muster process. Designed to take full advantage of the technology you have already invested in, MAS will increase efficiency without imposing extra stress on your infrastructure.

Muster Station is the application running on the devices used by the Safety Team and serves as the entry point for critical drill information. Using the application makes participating in drills faster and more accurate. Designed with speed and efficiency in mind, Muster Station quickly and accurately captures guests at each assembly station and enables rapid roll calls, passenger and crew identification, life jacket requests and more. Muster Station also runs seamlessly in both online and offline modes so that data is still reported to the Command Center and other devices if network connectivity fails. The time saved by using Muster Station translates into increased efficiency during mustering.


  • Expedite the muster process using the best available technology to rapidly capture guest and crew data.
  • Save time by capturing parties traveling together in one step.
  • Easily account for all souls on board.
  • Quickly identify the status of special needs guests and request extra assistance if needed.
  • Full offline mode supported.

Command Center is the hub of all activity in MAS. Information entered into Muster Station is presented in Command Center on a single screen. This provides critical information in a clear, dramatic and actionable format. The Captain and Bridge Officers can follow the muster process in Command Center and further facilitate the drill as needed. In the event that the bridge becomes inaccessible, any device in use can be promoted to a Mobile Command Center. This allows for access to the full capabilities of Command Center from anywhere on the ship.

Command Center contains a System Info view displaying the health status of all system components. Each part of the MAS ecosystem – web services, databases, servers, connectivity and every tablet – are constantly monitored, ensuring complete system readiness at all times.


  • 24/7 monitoring of all components means MAS is ready when needed most.
  • Remotely troubleshoot and diagnose tablets.
  • Robust reporting provides key performance indicators in order to optimize future drills.
  • Quickly view status and assignments of all crew.
  • Full remote access to Command Center via any available device.
  • Command Center and 2D View of Deck and Fire Zones provide real-time data at a glance.
E-Mustering Solution  Mobile Assembly Suite  Muster Station

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Controller Sync Center

The Controller Sync Center allows for any Controller to check the status of synchronization on board at a glance. Back at the Command Center, the status of each tablet (battery status, disk space, CPU usage, etc.) as well as data elements like crew and guest manifest are monitored constantly.

This synchronization of data between the tablets via Bluetooth should not be marginalized. Bluetooth pairing is a meticulous process. Through a unique process developed by DeCurtis Corporation, the MAS tablets safely, securely and rapidly pair with other tablets automatically, which eliminates all administrative overhead. Once paired, the tablets compare the local cache of data and synchronize when necessary.

Key Benefits

  • Auto switch to Bluetooth mode.
  • Live sync status.
  • Auto Bluetooth synchronization.
  • Zero Bluetooth configuration.
  • Lossless recovery in case of battery failure.
  • Secure, fast handshake of tablets.
  • Controller wise view of all tablets.
E-Mustering Solution  Mobile Assembly Suite  Muster Station

Press: Awards & Accomplishments

DeCurtis Corporation Wins Seatrade Insider “Onboard Supplier Of The Year” At Seatrade Insider Cruise Awards. In recognition of Mobile Assembly Suite (MAS), DeCurtis Corporation was awarded Seatrade Insider’s “Onboard Supplier of the Year” Award in 2012. Presented by Tony Heuer of Fidelio Cruise, this award was given to the firm who has provided an exceptional service, product or innovation to cruise lines. MAS represents the leading technology solution available for e-mustering – software that is designed to support the emergency evacuation of ship passengers and crew.