Mobile Assembly Suite - Land Evacuations

The safety and security of your employees and guests while in your duty of care is paramount. Planning for potential emergencies is critical to mitigating risk in all facilities. Evacuation procedures can save lives and ensure the provision of aid to those in need.

Most current procedures for emergency evacuation are manual and only meet basic standards.

Mobile Assembly Suite (MAS) was purpose built to make cruising safer and is a leading solution in that space. MAS improves visibility, efficiency and accountability of the evacuation process for thousands of guests and crew on a cruise ship vessel and MAS can do the same for your facilities.

The DeCurtis MAS system has five modules: Muster Station, Command Center, Controller Sync Center, Suspicious Activity Search and Facility Watch. The combined power of these five modules enables you to monitor all stages of a drill or evacuation.

MAS is a live system and therefore employee and visitor counts are always live. Further, MAS was designed to operate in harsh climates and the system will continue to function in a network failure. MAS is designed to work offline as well, syncing locally when possible.

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  • Tablet-based system
  • Check-in/record individuals using NFC, barcode, Bluetooth proximity or manual search
  • Full manifest on each tablet
  • Real-time data synchronization (online)
  • Online and offline operation
  • Integration with DeCurtis Location and Proximity Services


  • Peer syncing of tablets when there is no network
  • Supports cascaded peering
  • Automatic Bluetooth and visual indication of sync process


  • Real-time centralized monitoring and control
  • Roll-up and detail views of all Muster Stations
  • Dashboards and graphical statistics
  • Control evacuation stages/activities
  • View of missing person counts and locations (when integrated with DeCurtis Location services)


  • Designed for search and clearance of any defined spaces
  • Entire physical structure is broken down into mapped areas
  • Updates reflected in Command Center
  • Override with credentials and auditing as well as notes


  • Single portal to monitor all buildings defined within a facility
  • One-click access to the appropriate Command Center of the Building
  • Aggregated status of activities in each building