Media Suite

Guest experience which maximizes detailed control for the experience of all guests.

While most people don’t go on a cruise just for the cabin, that doesn’t mean it should be neglected. Our Media Suite brings the great guest experience provided by the DXP™ to the cabin as well. 

The Media Suite comes with two main segments that guests can utilize to enjoy their time in the cabin:

Cabin Control:  As you might expect from the title, Cabin Control allows you to, you guessed it, control your cabin. This ranges from temperature, to lighting, to curtains, to the TV itself. We’ve moved past the days of “put your keycard in the slot to turn on your lights.” If your guest wants to wake up to blue lighting every morning and go to bed with red lighting fading out, we can make that happen. If they want to have the curtains open every time they enter the cabin, we can do that too. Not just limited to controlling lights and temperature, Cabin Control can also be used to order food and drink items to be delivered directly to the cabin, so movie night can continue uninterrupted. The primary control point is a dedicated tablet that is located in each room. Mobile devices are also supported through the guest app, so the guest can set mood lighting on the way back from a romantic dinner at the nicest restaurant on the ship.

Cabin TV:  What people traditionally think of when they hear “in-cabin entertainment,” it’s a staple of hotels and cruise ships for a reason. Whether you’re tired and trying to get to bed at night, or hungover and trying to recover in the morning, turn on a comfort movie or something you missed in theaters to pass the time.

Benefits for your guests

Guests now have more control over their rooms than they ever have before. Now, they can:

  • Control lights and temperature at any time, from anywhere – cabin tablet or mobile device 
  • Automate the opening and closing of curtains, if applicable
  • Control movies and shows from the tablet or a mobile device 
  • Order and pay for room service the same way 

Benefits for you

These features aren’t just for the guests’ benefit. With the Media Suite, you can:  

  • Create a welcoming entrance to the cabin – set the lights to fade on and the curtains to open as the guest enters for the first time 
  • Quickly respond to guest requests, for food/beverage items or other special requirements 
  • Increased revenue streams through premium movie and television options