Housekeeping Suite

There are three main pieces of the Housekeeping Suite, and each plays their own role in the success of the whole:


The main piece of the Housekeeping module, Housekeeper fulfills the traditional idea of the day-to-day assignments of housekeeping staff. Crew can see at a glance which rooms are clean, which are in the process of being cleaned and which are waiting to be cleaned. Housekeeper also plays a big role on embarkation day. The system will generate a priority list for room cleaning based on guest arrival times. Marking a room “clean” will notify the guest that their room is ready. This seamless communication allows for an improved guest experience.


This dashboard is for housekeeping supervisors to check the status of all rooms, average time of a room clean for each crew member, and guest requests. They are also able to reassign rooms and guest requests as necessary – if a crew member has an unusually high number of special requests, the supervisor can supplement that section of the deck with additional staff.


This section is designed so that guests and crew can access housekeeping services without needing their personal device. Both guests and crew can log in on the relevant cabin tablets to raise and close out special requests, respectively. The crew can also use this to simply update the status of the room.


For the guests, housekeeping should be something that just... happens. They leave their room for the morning and come back to find it immaculately clean. With the DXP™, we push this just a little further. Guests can: 

  • Put in special requests, for anything from extra towels to special setups for anniversaries or birthdays 

  • Get notified on embarkation day as soon as their room is ready, so they don’t have to leave the bar or restaurant to constantly check 

  • Easily raise concerns for incidents that are handled quickly and efficiently  


Behind-the scenes success is key here. With the crew-facing aspects of Housekeeping, you can:  

  • Get a better overview of room cleanliness and guest arrival times 

  • Monitor time-to-clean for each room and crew member, allowing for staff augmentation as necessary 

  • Complete room turnovers faster which allows you to serve guests better