Hardware, Wearables & Fulfillment

Our full-scale end-to-end Fulfillment Operation offers our clients the opportunity to control the customer experience from manufacture to final shipment of each device. We offer a range of possibilities including individual wearable device personalization and customization. If our clients have multiple tiers, their product can reflect that through customization. Each device can be personalized with the end-users name or and relevant data the end user might specify to the client. Our proprietary Quality Assurance process offers an extra level of assurance that the correct end user’s device is shipped to the correct end user.

From end to end our orders are received – personalized, assigned, boxed with any added accessories, QA’d and shipped.


The wearable is the key to unlocking the customer’s location and proximity experience, and our assignment and proprietary QA check are the keys to unlocking the wearable. Assignment assures that the end user has a uniquely identifiable wearable. The proprietary QA check makes certain by way of a double check that the correct wearable is assigned to the correct customer, and that all assigned users on an order are in an order and ready to ship to the correct specified address.

As a Cisco Partner, we have created a unique Reader for our wearables that work via Cisco Access Points. A network of Cisco Access Points with DeCurtis Readers are used to enable location and proximity, each reader able to triangulate the position of a given assigned wearable based on signal strength. DeCurtis Wearables and Readers together form a key piece in our cruise and hospitality management puzzle that is enabled and powered by the DeCurtis Experience Platform (DXP™). Our abstraction layer provides consistent, reliable and redundant access to all core data while leveraging a clean micro-services architecture and reliable service contracts to end the days of being tied to an inefficient legacy system.

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Benefits for Your guests

  • End to end tracking of orders
  • Added security in the proprietary QA check
  • Ability to personalize their wearable with things such as their name
  • Assurance that the wearable will reach them in a reasonable window
  • Faster boarding and ease of access to things such as
  • Reservations and purchases
  • Added security in case of emergency


Key Benefits for you

  • Assurance that correct guests have correct devices
  • Ability to further customize devices to things such as tier
  • “Continuity of Care” in getting your End-to-End Fulfillment from the same company bringing you the experience platform on which wearables run
  • Decreased boarding time means that guests are onboard faster
  • Guests have of Ease of Access to things such as purchases
  • Added Security in case of Emergency