Food & Beverage Suite

Giving your guests what they want on their terms is a good goal. Getting them access to things they didn’t even know they could have is transformational. Built atop the industry-leading DXP™, the Food and Beverage Suite is informed by the data we have about your guests including their location and relative proximity, and acts as the gateway to requests while enabling your crew to fulfill all your guests’ needs.

Free your guests and empower your staff.

From the labor-intensive fulfillment at the pool to the complicated VIP-level service in the corner of a dark club, our Food and Beverage Suite will dramatically reduce your operational effort and associated costs while putting the power to request service where it needs to be: in your guests’ hands.

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The Food and Beverage Suite is a dynamic delivery network driven by location awareness. More than that, this fun, interactive suite allows your guests to connect with your venue in a totally new way – by ordering, sending and paying for drinks rights from their smart device. No more lines, fighting for a space at the bar or tracking someone down – just better, faster service. We didn’t reinvent the drink, just how you will serve it.

Benefits for your Guests
Give your guests a fast, safe way to order and pay for drinks right from their own mobile device. No more waiting in line or tracking down servers.

  • Eliminate or dramatically reduce wait times
  • Secure the payment process
  • Dynamic delivery gives your guests more freedom
  • Eliminate paper checks

Benefits for you
Increase the efficiency of your wait and bar staff by simplifying the order process with seamless integration to POS and a workflow that enables flexible fulfillment.

  • Increase orders & drink turnovers
  • Targeted marketing & promotions
  • Offer VIP level of service
  • Learn more about guests through analytics & reporting