Embarkation Suite

How can a vacation start if your guests cannot get onboard quickly and easily? How can the fun begin when your guests are standing in line? How can your guests make the memories of a lifetime when they cannot board due to missing critical documents?

Built atop the industry-leading DXP™, the Embarkation Module is informed by the data we have about your guests including their location and relative proximity, and acts as the gateway to requests while also enabling your crew to fulfill all your guests’ needs.

Holistic Embarkation

A simple, clean and elegant solution that reduces cost, increases success rate and maximizes the likelihood of your premier experience for all guests. Blur the line between pre-cruise and cruising by eliminating the lines in the port while simultaneously increasing security and efficiency.


Decurtis Embarkation Sleek and Efficient Process
From streamlining the booking process and allowing you to quickly moderate uploaded documentation, to the increased efficiency of validation and “Green-Lane” experience in the terminal, the Embarkation Suite will dramatically reduce your operational effort and associated costs while reducing traffic, wait-time and frustration on embarkation day. Turn the leading cause of cruise dissatisfaction into a great first impression.

Benefits for Your Guests
Not many people like waiting in lines and fewer still like being denied boarding. The DXP™ Embarkation Suite helps your guests:

  • Easily book their voyage
  • Make sure they have current and proper travel documents
  • Relieve the pressure and stress of embarkation day
  • Get to making memories faster

Benefits for You
Gone are the days of a bad embarkation process triggering horrible reviews in the cruise blogs, or worse, creating a negative mood right out of the gate. The DXP™ Embarkation Suite can lead you to:

  • Increased guest satisfaction
  • Reduced operational cost
  • More flexibility in port selection
  • Reduced space and hardware requirements

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Our Embarkation Suite is a key piece in our cruise and hospitality management puzzle that is enabled and powered by the DeCurtis Experience Platform. Our abstraction layer provides consistent, reliable and redundant access to all core date while leveraging a clean micro-services architecture and reliable service contracts to end the days of being tied to an inefficient legacy system.