DeCurtis Shield™

Global health and safety leadership is critical to business. DeCurtis Shield™ mitigates health risk, and supports protocols to reduce the spread of illness.

Using a multi-faceted approach to mitigate the risk made apparent by the COVID-19 pandemic, Shield is a standalone solution that can make an immediate impact by efficiently collecting health information at any secure entry and exit point. By using a combination of facial recognition and thermal imaging to assess temperature, Shield captures actionable data, allowing industries to quickly deploy this solution to protect their guests, employees, and business.

DeCurtis Shield health screening proactive management

By placing Shield kiosks throughout an environment, health is continually monitored, allowing for quick actions to be taken to lessen the spread of illness. Early intervention makes a direct impact in reducing the severity of outbreaks.

When Shield is leveraged with an ecosystem empowered by DeCurtis Experience Platform™, both real-time and retroactive timelines are created and evaluated to address potential outbreaks, assess interaction risks, as well as strategically plan for cleaning protocols. This type of information is critical to lessening the curve in an outbreak situation.

DeCurtis Shield™ is ushering in a new health and safety standard, providing the following benefits:

    • Standalone solution for easy adoption
    • Continuous monitoring throughout any indoor environment
    • Provides actionable data to mitigate risk
    • Put guests, crew and visitors at ease
    • Proactive protocols to limit risk of outbreak

    While there is not single solution to the threats posed by outbreaks like Covid-19, DeCurtis Shield™ can be a dramatic part of your line’s strategic plan. The threats we face are global. We at DeCurtis want to assist in being part of the answer to these problems. To learn more about how Shield can assist in providing a safer and healthier environment, please fill out the form below.

    We want to help navigate through the current global crisis by preparing ships and complex indoor environments with more efficient protocols regarding onboard illness. We truly believe that our industry can learn from this crisis and emerge from it as leaders in the pursuit of better health screening, monitoring and proactive management. Contact us for more information.