Aware Care

Aware Care ensures compliance using the powers of proximity, automation and seamless offline functionality to create an ever present and available, digital nervous system for observation recording and reporting.

System validated data collection replaces manual data capture and eliminates mistakes while improving process benefits and raising the bar on compliance reporting.

By design, it is customizable to your facility specific needs and standards while being architected to drive improved accuracy, reliability, and efficiency with the ultimate goal of improving your team’s ability to deliver the critical services you provide.

100% compliance

Aware Care can immediately improve processes using manual data capture and observations by moving the process to a simple to use, intuitive digital process which ensures the process was followed while enabling real-time alerts, and automated reporting even without an internet connection.


To enable systemic compliance, Aware Care leverages wearables and beacons throughout the facility to automatically recognize a potential visit (observation). This is the convergence of a staff member with a location and potentially a Client (i.e. a patient). Staff and Client wearables (dynamic, meaning they move) identify people. Location Anchors (Static Beacons, meaning they do not move) can be placed in hallways, rooms, restrooms, group rooms, cafeteria, etc., and identify a specific location. When they come together, the Aware Care system helps efficiently record the interaction and ensure accuracy around, date, time, location and distance during visit. 

Aware Care provides a reduction in compliance errors and liability with system validated data capture. Employees can be confident that they are executing the process within the parameters set forth by management.  

Aware Care seamlessly transitions to offline mode and syncs back to the server whenever a connection is available. Process compliance continues when the power or network fails. There is zero impact to normal operations and no observation data will be lost. 

The Benefit of a Product with the Flexibility to Do Business Your Way

Clients require the stability of a product, but they detest the product forcing them to handle their business operations in a way not informed by the actual business. In Aware Care, the platform is customizable to allow you to provide a high level of service the way you need to, not the way the system demands. We continue to advance in this area as well as in the ability to pass on additional data beyond location as new sensor and wearable technology emerges.


  • Automatic data capture 
  • Ability to add notes or photos to any observation/visit 
  • Customizable real-time alerts
  • Smart data review to reduce the need for
    management oversight
  • Offline mode for continuous compliance
  • 24/7 live support via phone, email, and customer portal


  • Improved quality & safety
  • Increased accountability and compliance reporting 
  • Active automated recording of numerous data points
    and process steps 
  • Active monitoring of compliance with real-time alerts
    for instant action 
  • Assisted workflow to ensure employee success 
  • Employee real-time reminders