Activity Reservations Suite

Hassle-free task guests and crew are easily able to access and modify schedules and details of each booking as needed.

Juggling several reservation services for different activities while maintaining accuracy and ease of use is something many clients have struggled to master. Fun excursions or a spa day for the guest are crucial pieces of a great overall experience, and the more guests you have, the more difficult the task of managing those bookings becomes.

Here at DeCurtis Corporation, we have taken those dining and excursion services and bundled them under one umbrella we call the Activity Reservation Suite. By unifying all these services in the DXP™, both guests and crew are easily able to access and modify schedules and details of each booking as needed. Adding party members to the reservation, creating a group booking and simply reporting the details of the booking can all be easily handled by a crew member. Designated crew members will also be able to perform higher level tasks, such as giving refunds/credits to guests, removing excursion packages, managing vendor payments and more.


Guests can use Wayfinding either through the Guest App or digital signage throughout the ship, and the directions will lead them directly to their reservation destination.


Crew members will be able to manage reservations to ensure a safe population density for all activities during the voyage, keeping your guests healthy and safe.


A key aspect of Table Management is knowing how many guests a venue is expecting on any given night. Thanks to ARS integration in the DXP™, once the guest or crew makes a dining reservation, it is synchronized with the core framework and then disseminated to all relevant venues. This allows the crew to properly plan for and manage dining to create an exceptional guest experience.

Besides the booking process, online check-in (OCI) is the next item guests feel is a problem. However, using the same approach with which we built our booking platform, our OCI experience is leaps and bounds what exists elsewhere. The main source of the improvement is the freedom the guests have to upload their security and personal information. Our research has shown that when guests are allowed to upload security documents and photos, they do it correctly, and they do it well. Guests would always rather take a security photo of themselves that they’re prepared for, rather than one that’s taken of them in the port after they’ve already been traveling for a day or two. The time they spend here is time saved at the terminal, which reduces the hassle for both you AND the guest. The OCI website will scan the codes on the bottom of any passport or visa from a camera or an uploaded image, and automatically populate the information into the relevant fields. This reduces or eliminates errors caused by manual guest entry. Also, by using features here that we introduced to the cruise industry like selecting port arrival times, we aim to simultaneously streamline the online experience and speed up the process in the terminal.

While our OCI process makes it difficult for guests to make mistakes, we never want to assume that it’s impossible. This brings us to a hugely important piece of the Voyage Reservation Suite – Moderate Online Check-in (MOCI). Every single guest reservation is checked twice: once by a computer, and once by a human being. After a reservation clears the automated portion, a person will manually review it. Does the security photo look okay? Is there anything about it the computer missed? Is all of their information entered and transcribed correctly from the image? Do they have all relevant documentation? Any of these issues and more can be noted and sent back to the guest to fix. This allows the guest to make these changes well in advance of their cruise, ensuring that even if they have issues with the check-in process, it will not impact their experience in the terminal.


  • Booking is clear, concise, and easy to maneuver.
  • Book cruise, experiences, and more all in one convenient place.
  • Uploading security and personal information ahead of time saves hassle and delays in the terminal.
  • Choose when and how they arrive to the port, complete with the ability to add flight information if relevant.
  • Start the vacation on a positive note, before they even leave their house.


  • Hassle-free booking experience means customers have a fonder memory of your customized booking platform.
  • Security and Personal information entered and validated in advance of cruise saves an unquantifiable amount of time in the terminal.
  • Human eyes look at each reservation to ensure accuracy.
  • Port Arrival Time means you know how many people are coming and when, so you can prepare shipboard staff and restaurants.

All aspects of our Voyage Reservation Suite form a key piece in our cruise and hospitality management puzzle that is enabled and powered by the DeCurtis Experience Platform (DXP™). Our abstraction layer provides consistent, reliable and redundant access to all core data while leveraging a clean micro-services architecture and reliable service contracts to end the days of being tied to an inefficient legacy system.