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The heart of the DXP™ is our proprietary Location Solution. The information we collect regarding location and proximity creates real-time, actionable data that can transform the guest experience while respecting privacy. Our Location Solution can work in any complex indoor environment but was originally designed for and implemented on cruise lines. We also have experience with high-end luxury cruises, large terminals, and oil and gas platforms.

Next-level location and proximity

safety and security guest experience


Where you are in a physical space.

PROXIMITY (Relative)

How close you are to other people or places.

We have inverted the traditional model of placing static beacons in a space and relying on guests’ devices to read those beacons. Our method outfits people with a physical beacon in the form of a wearable and uses high-powered, intelligent BLE readers to read and process those wearables as they move about the space. This allows for the rapid and accurate collection of location and proximity data that becomes very powerful when used together. Other location solutions available simply cannot offer this next level guest experience.

DXP™ Location Solution

Location requires infrastructure and normally requires dry dock or a new build. The DXP™ Location Solution can be implemented without a dry dock and can work within existing infrastructure.

Our proprietary Location Solution is the heart of the DeCurtis Experience Platform™ and drives all the location-aware and proximity-enabled modules. These modules sit atop our abstraction layer which provides consistent, reliable and redundant access to all core data while leveraging a clean micro-services architecture and reliable service contracts to end the days of being tied to an inefficient legacy system.

Our elegant Location Solution utilizes three core pieces to provide accurate reads on location and actionable data around proximity.

safety and security guest experience

We need a construct of the space in which we are locating people, places and things. To get this, we use the most accurate renderings of your space (CAD usually) and produce a 3D physical construct, then build upon that layer with logical walls, wayfinding paths, emergency routes and inaccessible spaces.

safety and security guest experience

The DXP™’s Location Engine is scalable and utilizes multiple proprietary algorithms for accurate location attainment. Intelligent edge processing means that only relevant data is leveraged, increasing speed by cutting back on noise.

safety and security guest experience

If great data is inaccessible, it is useless. Our Location Services allow for logical queries to real-time or historical data. Raw data is optimized for such queries, thereby enhancing the entire system.

Why a wearable?

DeCurtis Wearables and Readers together form a key piece in our experience ecosystem that is enabled and powered by the DeCurtis Experience Platform. Wearables serve as a physical link to a virtual world, giving guests and crew access to a robust suite of features that are location aware and further enhanced by proximity data. Wearables have improved fidelity and a high success rate for accurate identification. Beyond this, wearables can work within each brand to fit their unique needs and customer base all while becoming another source of revenue through accessories, customization and commemorative pieces. Using physical beacons offers the reliability needed, especially when paired with high performance BLE Readers like the DC-BR3800-01.

What is Bluetooth Low Energy?

A BLE is a wireless personal area network technology designed specifically for short-ranged communication. A DeCurtis BLE Module contains industry changing technology for the location and proximity market. Unlike any other reader on the market, ours can read hundreds of beacons per second proving specific location, not just relative proximity information, which allows businesses to improve the guest experience in various ways.


BLE Readers

Have been installed since DeCurtis launched them in 2019.

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