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While the pandemic highlighted the immediate need for improved health and safety protocols, safety has always been at the heart at what DeCurtis Corporation provides. DeCurtis Shield™ is a robust product offering designed specifically for the cruise industry to assist in reopening through accurate health screenings. There are three deployment options, meaning DeCurtis Shield™ can be implemented quickly to start edge detection right away and becomes more robust when further integrated with the DXP™ to allow for accurate data recording, retroactive timelines and location-based contract tracing. DeCurtis Shield™ qualifies for CARES Act funding.

DeCurtis Shield™ is a scalable suite of tools focused on mitigating illness and lessening the spread of an outbreak.

DeCurtis Shield health screening safety and security

DeCurtis Shield health screening safety and security

DeCurtis Shield™ Kiosk

Collects health screening data at any secure entry and exit point.

Shield Standalone

Shield Standalone can make an immediate impact by efficiently processing health screening data at any secure entry or exit point. Our smart thermography cameras quickly assess temperature at the thermal brain tunnel (tear ducts) using patented methodology to provide the fastest and most accurate body temperature. Our kiosks can operate in self-service or assisted mode and can include an automated health questionnaire if needed. This option is the fastest to deploy so cruise lines can start no-touch temperature screening immediately.


Shield Connected

Shield Connected leverages the capability of Shield Standalone and seamlessly connects to the ship’s system of record. Shield Connected can be integrated with any safety and security system including video management systems. With the added integration, Shield Connected uses any combination of identity management cards and/or facial matching to identify and record a temperature. This added benefit provides a much greater fidelity mitigation strategy.


Shield DXP™

The most powerful implementation of DeCurtis Shield™ is when it is deployed in an environment enabled with the DeCurtis Experience Platform™ (DXP™) Location Solution. Shield DXP™ can then provide both real-time and historic indoor location timelines to address potential outbreaks, assess risks from known interactions and strategically plan for cleaning protocols. This type of information is critical to mitigating the spread of an onboard illness in an outbreak situation.


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