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Frequently Asked Questions

Beyond what you can find in our primary site under “About Us” DeCurtis Corporation is about challenging the status quo. Our team has been assembled over the years from multiple disciplines and companies both large and small, but with a common desire to eliminate wasteful processes and create experiences that elegantly dance over the expected and border on magic. More on how we do that later on.
Our virtual offices are out of central Florida but we tend to be wherever we work best. Sometimes that means we are onsite with the client and sometimes we are near a beach. Our primary International Development Center (or IDC, because what is a good technology company without a massive number of TLAs) is in Jaipur, India where our development team helps turn our crazy ideas into deployable, performant, secure and intuitive solutions for our clients and their guests.

You may have noticed that we don′t talk like the average technology company. That is because we are not the average technology company.

We work with companies who are interested in driving innovation. That sounds like a throw-away line but for us, it really is about passion. We are not a development shop for hire (nothing wrong with that lot in life, mind you, it’s just not our lot). We do not claim to be experts at everything and as aware as we are of what we do well (create fantastic experience and interaction through an organic blend of refined process, intuitive technology and sophisticated architecture) we are also keenly aware of areas that we do not wish to participate in. We are happy to help our clients find the right people to fit in the spaces we don’t play in, and that allows us to stay focused on the areas where we can make the most impact.

Our time recently has been heavily focused in cruise and hospitality, but as we continue to speak to other companies in tangential markets, we see a possible application of our platform, technology and approach anywhere that there is a premium placed on exemplary customer service and anticipating the needs of VIP guests.

Sort of what it sounds like. We take the current experience a client offers to their guests and we imagine all the ways it could be better, faster, stronger, etc. When we challenge that status quo, we use our deep industry knowledge and the best technology available to make that experience better. When we do this, we are really transforming the experience for two groups of people: our clients and their guests.

For example, we work with and for our clients. By consolidating resources or eliminating unnecessary processes through seamless integration, we can transform the way a client (and their staff or crew) interacts with technology to make their day to day operations better and brighter. So, we work for and with the clients in this way. But at the heart of all of our innovation, we always answer to the guests of our clients. How can we make their wait time shorter, their interaction with the staff easier, and their experience better? In this way, we are also transforming the experience of the guest.

So, what is the goal of the experience? What is the client trying to get or the company trying to provide? What about that experience or interaction could be altered in a way to make it amazingly intuitive or astonishingly memorable? We start at the experience and then figure out how to implement, integrate or create the technology necessary to make it happen.

Yes. We have a team of creatives, a group of brilliant architects and a few Six Sigma types. We deliver elegant but powerful solutions that often maximize efficiencies and increase revenue for our clients, which in turn makes them very happy. However, even the best technology will fail without a sound strategy behind implementing it. So, while we aim to deliver a solid solution via our platform, we also work with our clients on how they can best leverage it for their specific needs.

Most companies are overburdened by legacy systems and a patchwork quilt of stand-alone silo solutions that were implemented just to get the job done. Years of this approach leaves them with a ton of tech that does not integrate particularly well and creates a massive amount of pain and significant barrier to progress. We understand how this problem comes about and that it is often the reason new investments in technology aren’t made. We also know that it doesn’t have to be that way.

Therefore, at the heart of our cruise solutions stands the DeCurtis Experience Platform; an intelligent interface and abstraction layer that frees cruise and hospitality companies from the shackles of the previously mentioned legacy systems and enables their business units to innovate without killing their technology departments. It is possible to help both groups coexist, unlike the approach many teams try whereby one of the sides of that coin is painted as the bad guy, limiting progress through finger-pointing and the blame-game.

In a word, results. It is easy to tell the world about the experience you plan to create, it is quite another to actually deliver that experience. We created the experience that powered Walt Disney World’s Be Our Guest restaurant. We developed the world’s most sophisticated electronic mustering solution (MAS), and revolutionized centrally managed, cohesive platform solutions through the DXP. In some ways we are experts because we’re the only ones doing this kind of stuff. Beyond our software solutions, our willingness and execution in the hardware space has led us to learn and refine approaches that are simply beyond the capability of many ISVs and solution providers.

Another component to our “experts” status is that we have worked with some of the greatest clients in the space. We’ve worked with global leaders in the cruise/entertainment industry and have been able to learn from each and every one of our partnerships in a way that benefits not just us, but the industry as a whole as we strive to improve upon our innovations with each new challenge or project.

Behind or beneath every one of these solutions is our foundation: tank-like architecture. Your house is only as good as your foundation and our experiences are only as good as the architecture that powers them. The DXP represents the most advanced application of service-oriented architecture in the space and renders the stability, redundancy, performance that our clients desire but don’t often know that they need. Our experience has allowed us to implement the pieces that are necessary without the bloat of budget and infrastructure that we sadly see too often in high-profile attempts in our space.

Much of the magic we create is powered by knowing where people are; most notably, when they are close. While we don’t really know where the people are, through the intelligent and proprietary use of either physical or virtual beacons, we can make some intelligent assertions.

Many companies leverage BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy for those keeping track) beacons for basic things like advertising and push notifications. Due to the countless hours of pain we went through making BLE beacons make sense, we have evolved to the point of being very handy with making them do far more than most believe they are capable of. To accomplish that, we built our own BLE Reader modules (that interface with the industry leading Cisco 3800 Series WAP) which house a tremendous amount of intelligence, allowing our location services infrastructure to get very specific when locating a beacon in three-dimensional space (think an atrium or casino). Because we are very good at this and because we leverage a wearable concept (like Disney’s MagicBand but very flexible in delivery and implementation) we can get a very good idea of where you are and by doing so, we can elevate your experience by providing VIP Level service and even give you access to things in the physical world like your room door lock or environment controls.

So, that was a lengthy answer to a direct question. BLE Beacons are Bluetooth Low Energy Beacons and they, when embedded into a wearable item (and worn) can allow our ecosystem to react intelligently to the wearer’s presence. (This is an area you will really want to learn more about.)

Not at all. We are very comfortable in the cruise space, but our desire to spread transformational experience technology has taken us into varying industries like hospitality, theme parks and world class entertainment venues.

That said, our pedigree and experience in cruise space is a distinct advantage. As anyone who has been successful in this space will tell you, the unique demands of the cruise environment force companies to be resource conscious. The grotesque waste of compute power that has often been ushered on by ubiquitous resource in many environments has led them to accept bloated, inefficient design patterns and implementations. We are offered no such “safe harbor” in cruise and, as such, refuse to allow those practices into our development regardless of the end-point.

DeCurtis tries to be very active in the local community. From Special Olympics to Pediatric Cancer, our team is encouraged as individuals to support the causes that are close to them while the company does its best to make an impact at a corporate level in Orlando and abroad in various formats from sponsorship to participation. We are aware of our responsibility to make a difference and try to do so as often as possible.

With our recent entre′ into the hardware space, the future is very bright for DeCurtis Corporation. While traditionally a software company, we have continued to push the envelope in engineering and fulfillment and will continue to do so as we look to bring the same kind of experience enhancement to multiple vertical markets like sports venues, hospitality (beyond cruise), education and shore-based vacation venues. We plan to continue research and development in both the traditional experience paths as well as the more cutting-edge augmented reality paths that many speak about, but none have really delivered on yet.

We get to create elegance in spaces left inelegant and innovate wherever we can imagine doing so. The end result is improved efficiency, increased revenue and happier guests and employees for our clients whom we truly consider partners in innovation.

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