Health & Safety Maturity Model™

At DeCurtis, we always aspire to be a part of the solution, so we are proposing a set of standards that venues can leverage to re-establish trust; the trust of their employees, their guests and the public at large. We believe that this model can be adapted across several industries, to help mitigate risk and return to work with a plan to stay healthy, safe and secure.

The goal is to establish a new, safer baseline as a minimum path to launch or reopen and provide enhanced safety protocols that venues or any complex indoor environment can opt into for increased health and security.

While we know multiple agencies and associations are working hard to ensure safety and assist with reopening, we are firm believers in intellectual crowd-sourcing and feel that a framework like the HSMM™ provides a great starting point for collaboration and a possible set of guidelines establishing both a minimum 'new normal' bar and a more aspirational roadmap to even safer, healthier and more secure operations. The HSMM™ is a proposed and living framework designed to assist industries in planning their adoption of new policies, procedures, technology, and approaches to increase the health and safety of their environments for their teams and clients. Created in response to the COVID-19 crisis and its effects on multiple industries, this model endeavors to guide approaches focused on group environments.

Health & Safety Maturity Chart

A common set of criteria binds industries who leverage the HSMM™. A manifest of all parties to be cared for, the ability to secure entry and exit and a clear boundary to the environment in which a business’s 'duty of care' should be elevated are our starting point. By framing the model this way, customers can engage in an explicit exchange of trust with the business for a predefined period of time which can lead to increased health and safety for all parties involved.

This framework model allows us to strive toward a common set of approaches that will cover the near-term tactical needs while also setting a path toward strategic evolution and growth as new challenges present themselves and technology adapts to meet those challenges.

A guide to assist industries in the adoption of new policies, procedures, technology and approaches to increase the health and safety of their environment.

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