Safety and Security Technology

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Our innovative solutions and proven services focus on creating a safe, secure environment for our clients’ people, facilities, and assets. We believe that safety technologies like DeCurtis Shield™ and our award-winning Mobile Assembly Suite™ can be key components in any safety plan or mitigation strategy attempting to increase the health, safety and security for all those within an organization’s duty of care.


Location & Proximity

The heart of the DXP™ is our proprietary Location Solution. The information we collect regarding location and proximity creates real-time, actionable data that can transform the guest experience while respecting privacy.


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Experience Evolution

Experience Evolution is all about making every experience better, more efficient, more human, more informed, more enjoyable and more profitable. For the clients (oftentimes, guests), this technology allows them access to things faster, seamlessly and in a way that creates priceless memories. For staff, this empowers them to create those experiences in a way that enhances the human connection and do their jobs more efficiently, with less stress and reduced chance of error.


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From the Journal

15 Jul 2021

DeCurtis Corporation Receives Patent on a Method to Improve Fidelity and Reduce Traffic Incurred for Location Services

DeCurtis Corporation has been awarded a new patent titled “Beacon Reader with Reduced Network Data Traffic,” once again improving traditional approaches with the unique application of technology. This patent focuses...

08 Jul 2021

How Aware Care can Ensure Suicide Watch is Effective

You’ve likely heard of the highly publicized story of how Jeffrey Epstein, a wealthy financier awaiting trial on sex trafficking charges, was able to commit suicide in 2019 while in...

25 Jun 2021

A Note from Derek Fournier

Almost two and a half years ago when I wrote my first entry to our company’s new blog, I stated the following: “…I am a technology evangelist. I am fortunate...

18 Jun 2021

How MAS Improves Emergency Drills at Chemical Plants

Manufacturing facilities face unique safety risks and are required to conduct and document mandatory emergency response training, drills, and exercises to satisfy EPA and OSHA requirements. Chemical plants may have...