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We believe the industry has already started a renaissance that can be part of the ever-evolving methodology to address concerns like those presented by the novel coronavirus outbreak. Understanding more about the location of all souls on board a ship and in terminals brings with it tremendous advantages.

At DeCurtis, we are passionate about technology and improving all onboard experiences. A truly location-enabled ecosystem is the only path to next-generation health, safety, and security infrastructure. Our partnership with two industry leaders, Aruba and Cisco, allows our technology to integrate easily without a drydock.

The Technology

Our ecosystem is comprised of beacons and readers, but not in the traditional model of stationary beacons. Ships are outfitted with stationary readers to not only enable the environment to learn about the population onboard but also to gather data that can assist in an onboard illness situation. Our readers integrate with Cisco and Aruba and are each capable of processing thousands of beacon-reads simultaneously and intelligently. Guests and crew are outfitted with “hard” beacons in the form of wearables or generate “soft” beacons using their mobile devices.

How Data Is Collected

Data is collected onboard by our readers as the guests and crew venture around the ship with either physical or iBeacons (wearables or smart devices). This data is then aggregated for an individual guest or crew member to create a retroactive timeline to see where they have been and who they have interacted with before, during, and after the incubation period of illness. This data empowers the medical staff to create a more impactful plan to clean the areas needed and quarantine potentially infected guests and crew.

Faster Response Time

By knowing where an infected individual has been and who they have interacted with, the crew can implement health protocols faster and help prevent the contagious guest or crew from infecting others. In an onboard illness situation, getting critical data on ill guests or crew can reduce the spread of the illness to other souls onboard.

Improved Efficiency

Providing the crew with facts on who has been exposed to an illness and who has not will assist in preparing a more impactful plan for the ship. The areas where a sick crew or guest visited are prioritized for cleaning, so precious time is not wasted unnecessarily cleaning unexposed areas. Therefore, cleaning protocols become more efficient with the data provided by a location-enabled ecosystem.

Increasing operational efficiency during times of an onboard illness is critical to control not only the spread of the illness but the spread of uncertainty and fear onboard.

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Frequently Asked Questions

As explained above, knowing where people are, who they have been proximal to and where they have traveled recently is the most basic level of information one could hope for from a health, safety and security perspective.

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