Safety and Security Technology

Leveraging our comprehensive suite of software and hardware components, our core technical strengths, and robust research and development, we help our global clients address safety and security challenges in complex environments. Our innovative solutions and proven services focus on creating a safe, secure environment for our clients’ people, facilities, and assets. We believe that safety technology like our award-winning Mobile Assembly Suite™ can be a key component in any safety plan or mitigation strategy attempting to increase the health, safety and security for all those within an organization’s duty of care.

In addition to our other safety and security products, we also offer smart, intuitive, easy-to-use video surveillance solutions (CCTV) that provide greater situational awareness, focused investigation tools, and address risk management.

The DeCurtis Difference

Our team is comprised of seasoned security technology experts with decades of experience solving some of the most challenging problems in complex environments. Some of these environments include:

  • The complex environment of cruise vessels. A cruise ship encompasses everything from complex engine rooms to retail and casino, to extremely challenging outdoor environments.
  • High value, large scale outdoor environments that encompass everything from a massive perimeter to multiple structures and vehicular entrances.
  • On and Off-Shore oil and gas facilities in austere locations worldwide.
  • US Government and Department of Defense venues and applications worldwide

From engineering to maintenance and support, here’s an overview of the security technology we can provide to keep your organization and those therein safer:


Smart, intuitive, easy-to-use video surveillance solutions that provide greater situational awareness, focused investigation tools, and address risk management, especially when connected to the DeCurtis Experience Platform™


In all situations, access to timely, accurate information is key. Our solutions can help mitigate challenges in a controlled way

Mobile Assembly Suite

Secure, touchless, biometric access for employees, guests, facilities and key areas


Extending the perimeter of the facility or ship to a safe distance


Integrated solutions designed protect your facility from the outer perimeter

safety and security technology, CCTV
safety and security technology CCTV

Our approach to design

Our holistic approach to solutions that go beyond traditional companies is unique. We do not focus on selling a specific manufacturer’s components; instead, we identify the appropriate tool that best fits our clients' requirements. We are a software company at heart with a focus on connected solutions, but we can and will create hardware when the market cannot meet our client’s specific needs. By identifying the adequate CCTV solution for the appropriate requirement and environment, we optimize efficiency both commercially and technically by bringing a robust platform of software expertise to the table that far exceeds the basic installation that other vendors provide.

Our approach to integration

When CCTV solutions are integrated with a unified, secure, and intelligent platform like the DXP, security technology enables more control, advanced automation, more efficient and scalable operations and improved safety.

Integration to our Location Solution optimizes operations, reduces resources and in turn delivers actionable, accurate location and proximity data that increases the overall security and safety of all parties involved.

  • Enhanced Interoperability: Efficiently integrated technology to meet enhanced safety, security, and operational objectives.
  • Minimize Redundancy: Eliminate duplicate, discrete systems from different vendors or proprietary products with specialized maintenance needs.
  • Reduce Costs: Lower installation and lifecycle costs through the adoption an optimized infrastructure.

No matter what type of challenges you face, we can help you with your planning and work with you on the next steps to raise the bar for health, safety and security.

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We are committed to our foundational pillars of safety and security, operational efficiencies and experience enhancement. We look forward to discussing how our solutions can benefit you.

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