COVID-19 Health & Safety

Committed to the cruise community

We hope this message finds you and your families safe and healthy.

We have witnessed first-hand the necessary, rapid response to this crisis. We are incredibly proud to help usher in a new era of health and safety at sea for the guests, crew, and myriad other groups who make up the industry we have been immersed in for over 20 years. Our goal is to make sure that every embark day and every port of call remains a time and place for celebration, joy, and excitement.   

While these current times will present new challenges in an already nuanced industry, we at DeCurtis have every intention of facing these challenges head-on. In essence, we are already shifting directly into the Art of the Proactive, and we, once again, believe it to be possible.   

While there is an understandable level of uncertainty in almost every area of our lives right now, we know that this crisis will not last forever. It will, undoubtedly, bring about a new normal. We are here to help build that with you as the industry rebounds. When that happens, we hope you will choose DeCurtis as your partner for whatever your technology needs may be and do so with confidence based on the actions we are taking right now for our employees and all those we serve.

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Standalone solution that can make an immediate impact

We want to help navigate through the current global crisis by preparing ships and complex indoor environments with more efficient protocols regarding onboard illness. We truly believe that our industry can learn from this crisis and emerge from it as leaders in the pursuit of better health screening, monitoring and proactive management.


Uncompromising focus on safety, health & security

Usually thought of as the driver to transformational experience, a true location-enabled ecosystem is the only path to a next-generation safety, health, and security infrastructure. Knowing not only where your guest and crew are but also where they have been (and when) allows the kind of insight required for safety and security response, both real-time and retroactively.

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COVID-19 is the Tipping Point for Proactive Protocols

This current health pandemic will undoubtedly revolutionize the cruise industry. Due to high visibility and worldwide reach, the cruise industry is often held to a higher standard and increased scrutiny. It is time to have an answer regarding improving the health and safety of all souls onboard, and that answer needs to be a proactive protocol.


More definite guidelines may be required in a world after coronavirus


Cruise lines need tools to automate collection of data for these requirements


Location data will greatly enhance proactive protocols

DeCurtis is a company that proudly exists to serve the travel and tourism space as our primary market, and we want to help navigate through the current global crisis by preparing ships with more efficient protocols regarding onboard illness. By working together, lines can emerge from this crisis better prepared.

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