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DeCurtis Corporation has over 15 years of experience providing major cruise lines the technology they need to operate their large vessels. DeCurtis Portfolio consists of Safety and Security, Activity Reservation System, Housekeeping, Virtual Queues, Incident and Table Management, Dynamic Delivery through location awareness and most importantly a set of customer facing applications which are designed to enhance the digital customer experience.

Due to the DeCurtis background in the Cruise industry, we also employ experienced resources who have extensive backgrounds in working with cruise lines and hospitality providers alike. We have designed everything from the Disney MagicBands to the entire customer and crew facing Apps for Virgin Voyages. Based on our experience we know that the implementation of any technology must be closely tied to business processes and the desires and skills of people using the technology to perform their jobs.


DeCurtis has built a portfolio of products and offerings focused on theme parks, cruise and hospitality but has evolved and expanded with applicability across numerous global business verticals. Our solutions are the best choice for any business looking to improve the health, safety and security of employees and guests with the option to enhance the guest experience and reduce friction down the road.

Our industry leading technology is powered by our DeCurtis Experience Platform™. The DXP™ powers all our solutions and turns any defined space into a location-aware environment that increases safety and security while transforming the guest (and staff) experience.

DXP™ modules include the power to actively protect employees and customers, capture and verify vital documents, greet your guests and staff, and locate and deliver orders dynamically. The DXP™ is powered for scaling and integrating with existing systems like POS, gaming, CCTV, smart tags, mobile apps, etc. All of our modules are fully customizable and available via web or mobile.

Our modules have proven reduction of operational friction and the increase of revenue. Our solutions do so by streamlining, improving procedures and informing the management process more efficiently. These solutions can result in shortening or eliminating wait times, reduce redundancy, reduction in staff and empowering guests to be their experience sooner.

That said, democratization of the “VIP Experience” does not happen through technology alone. It has been our experience that the traditional approach addressing people and process as well is critical for projects of this scope. To that end, our process often starts with a joint consulting effort. We have found that without buy-in across the larger team, transformative initiatives are doomed to fail regardless of the technology or executive buy-in and directive.

The adage, ‘To go fast, go alone. To go far, go together,’ is truly at the heart of this approach.

DeCurtis Corporation

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We are committed to our foundational pillars of safety and security, operational efficiencies and experience enhancement. We look forward to discussing how our solutions can benefit you.

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