Long lines, crowded terminals create frustrating start for cruisers

DeCurtis Corporation empowered Disney Cruise Line to deliver a high-impact guest experience by reducing wait times and eliminating long, redundant lines in the terminal. Historically, guests have had no way of submitting or verifying documents and forms before a cruise. This subjected all guests to crowded terminals and hours of waiting in line for vacation to start. Shoreside crew had to painstakingly take photos and manually enter information from required travel documents. Groups experienced longer wait times as each member of the traveling party had to be reviewed for accuracy before the group could board. If any issues were flagged, the affected members of the sailing family may have been left little recourse and, in the worst-case scenario, may have been prevented from sailing. Non-US passports or special cases of any kind could not receive expert attention before arriving at the port.

On time departures, which depended on shoreside crew efficiently processing over 2000 anxious and potentially aggravated guests, drove high staffing levels, long wait times at desks, and further congestion in an already hectic terminal.

After watching frustrated guests waiting in long lines and enduring slow check-in processes, Disney Cruise Line set out to get guests on board faster to start enjoying vacations sooner. Disney Cruise Line turned to DeCurtis Corporation, a leader in guest experience technology in the cruise space, for solutions that could move lines faster, drive seamless check-in and deliver the promise of a Disney quality experience on embarkation day.


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4 Active ships with a 5th ship expected to be delivered in 2022

Average number of Passengers waiting to embark each cruise 2500

Thousands of passengers sailing annually

Frictionless embarkation process puts guests onboard faster

As part of their Port Modernization project, DeCurtis assisted Disney Cruise Line in redesigning the embarkation process to reduce wait times in terminals. DeCurtis’ comprehensive Embarkation Suite (part of the DeCurtis Experience Platform™) empowers guests to upload required travel documents via a web or mobile application and enables shoreside crew to verify these documents in the weeks leading up to the itinerary date. The result is significantly reduced wait times in the terminal which allows guests to board faster and start their vacations sooner.  This blend of technology and process keeps families moving quickly through the port, eliminates the need for standing in long lines and allows for the guests to board the ship faster, resulting in a better overall guest experience.

MODERATION IS THE KEY The documents uploaded by guests prior to embarkation day are verified, or moderated, by shoreside staff. This Moderated Online Check-In process catches potential errors and discrepancies long before embarkation day and, if needed, guests are instructed on how to resubmit documents to avoid standing in long lines, making sure that identification, security photos, visas etc. are all correct before arrival at the terminal reduces friction for guests. This also decreases the need for check-in lines at port, thereby reducing operational costs.  When guests complete Online Check-In before embarkation, they can undergo a fast and frictionless validation process to board the ship sooner and begin their vacation earlier. The remaining guests can be assisted faster and benefit from less congestion in the terminal.

In order to significantly reduce wait times in terminals, the DXP™ Embarkation Suite implemented a pre-boarding online check-in and moderation process for Disney Cruise Line. Guests are invited to upload cruise documents before their cruise so that shoreside crew members can verify these documents and request resubmissions if needed. This moderation process leads to fewer problems and less wait time in the port. Additionally, the highly adopted Online Check-In process for guests has reduced staffing needs in terminals, as fewer guests need any specialized assistance if they complete Online Check-In. The result is happier guests who can board faster and start their vacation sooner, which leads to increased revenue onboard.


ON-LINE CHECK-IN (OCI) enables passengers to
easily scan key travel documents and photos from the convenience and leisure of their home.
MODERATION enables shoreside crew to accelerate
the processing time to validate/verify travel documents and flag issues before passengers travel, providing
passengers greater time to correct travel documents.
VALIDATE enables shoreside crew to quickly take travel documents and prepare the passengers for moving onboard. Passengers have less wait time in the port and are able to enjoy a comfortable lounge area with their families.
ASSISTED CHECK-IN lines are greatly reduced to only handling non-US passengers or specialized cases which could not pass moderation from shore. Assisted Check-In crew stations relieved of 80% traffic enabling the crew to provide special attention needed and reduce long wait times for both US and non-US passengers.

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Making Guest Experiences Matter