07 Feb 2023

Virgin Voyages Leverages DeCurtis Technology to Provide Exceptional In-Cabin Experiences

While most people don’t go on a cruise just to hang out in the cabin, that doesn’t mean the cabin experience should be neglected. If anything, the cabin gives the cruise line an opportunity to make a great first impression and set the mood for a trip where the guest is empowered, entertained and at ease. 

When cruise guests enter their cabin for the first time (and for the duration of the trip), they should feel welcome and at home. But most travelers – at some time – have had disappointing experiences. Maybe the cabin was dark and too cold. Maybe they needed an extra pillow or blanket to feel comfortable. Maybe they wanted a snack but were too tired after a long day to venture back out. 

Virgin Voyages has partnered with DeCurtis – a leader in guest experience technology in the cruise industry – to elevate all their sailor experiences on their award-winning ships, including the cabin experience. 

Empowering Guests to Take Control

DeCurtis helped Virgin Voyages implement their powerful Media Suite, a multi-faceted technology solution that allows Virgin Voyages guests (“sailors”) to use a dedicated, in-cabin tablet to control virtually every aspect of their cabin experience. 

Sailors can automatically control their cabin’s lighting, temperature, curtains, music and television with just the touch of a button on the dedicated cabin tablet. Preset mood options range from getting ready to wind down for the night, waking up to sunshine and energizing music, or setting a romantic ambiance.  

Additionally, sailors can watch new movie and TV releases in their cabin on-demand. After selecting something to watch from the tablet (which then plays on the in-cabin television), a touch of a button orders extra pillows or other finishing touches for the perfect movie night.

As safety is always a top priority, Virgin Voyages also uses the cabin control tablet to ensure that all sailors watch and acknowledge the muster/safety video on the first day of the trip – before they can use it for other functions. 

Thanks to the DeCurtis Media Suite, Virgin Voyages can offer their sailors exceptional, personalized in-cabin experiences that exceed expectations and keep guest satisfaction high. 

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