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01 Mar 2022

DeCurtis Corporation Expands Their Executive Leadership with the Hire of Babak Aghevli  as Senior Vice President

DeCurtis Corporation, the premier provider of location and proximity enabled solutions in complex indoor environments with a focus on health, safety and security, operational enhancement, and experience evolution, is pleased to announce the hire of Babak Aghevli as a Senior Vice President. Babak previously had his own consulting business, during which he provided services to multiple industries.

“I am elated to have joined DeCurtis in this exciting time and look forward to helping grow the company’s business in the service area and to help deliver a world-class platform that enables businesses to perform more efficiently as well as revolutionize guest and staff experience,” said Babak Aghevli. 

Babak is an accomplished executive with over forty years of experience in a plethora of industries, including oil and gas, transportation, and manufacturing. He has held roles that focused on safety and security solutions, high-value asset tracking as well as serving as Chief Information Officer (CIO) for software and manufacturing companies. 

“Babak possesses a unique blend of experience, communication excellence, and clarity that is rare and something we feel is critical to our continued growth and evolution,” said Derek Fournier, President and CEO DeCurtis Corporation. “The company is thrilled to have Babak joining our team to help us deliver world-class technology solutions to our clients at scale.”

Babak joined DeCurtis Corporation on January 31, 2022.

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