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15 Jul 2021

DeCurtis Corporation Receives Patent on a Method to Improve Fidelity and Reduce Traffic Incurred for Location Services

DeCurtis Corporation has been awarded a new patent titled “Beacon Reader with Reduced Network Data Traffic,” once again improving traditional approaches with the unique application of technology. This patent focuses on providing relevant and less redundant data which decreases the load on the host network and demand for storage while improving the fidelity of data used for location and proximity data.

This patent and the technology utilizing it will lead to a dramatic reduction in complexity and cost for companies looking to enable location services in complex indoor environments. The technology can lead to a significant reduction in both the number of readers necessary and the hardware to support the collection and storage of relevant data necessary to service a space with accurate location information. Reliable location and proximity data is core to the DeCurtis Experience Platform (DXP™). The DXP™ is comprised of a robust ecosystem of applications designed to improve health, safety and security, operational efficiency and overall experience of any environment.

“Our solution, and the basis of this patent, dramatically reduces the load on the internal systems and network while actually increasing the fidelity of data used for calculation of location,” said Derek Fournier, President and CEO DeCurtis Corporation. “Our patent is currently powering our readers but could also be used at the firmware level by others to drive the same cost reductions and optimizations.”

Details of the issued patent can be found here.

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