25 Jun 2021

A Note from Derek Fournier

Almost two and a half years ago when I wrote my first entry to our company’s new blog, I stated the following: “…I am a technology evangelist. I am fortunate to work here at a company that is literally on the forefront of what we call “Transformational Experience Technology.” We have the honor and privilege of helping our clients change lives.”

Back then, I was writing about the ways we leverage and develop technological solutions to create frictionless, even magical, customer experiences for passengers aboard cruise ships and guests of hospitality locations and events. But now that the world that is just beginning to emerge from the pandemic, a couple of years feels more like a couple of decades, and health and safety have been reprioritized to the top of the list of elements that make for a positive experience.

At DeCurtis, providing a more effective way to manage risk through technology is at the core of our company’s founding. Our first application was developed to make muster (lifeboat) drills on board cruise ships more efficient by replacing clipboards and paper lists with tablets and key cards. Whether it’s for a drill or during an actual emergency, our Mobile Assembly Suite (MAS) quickly and accurately captures guests at each assembly station and enables rapid roll calls, passenger and crew identification, life jacket requests, and more.

Today, our solutions have expanded in a multitude of ways to mitigate risk. For example, MAS can help expedite evacuations for land-based institutions as well. From hotels to schools, and hospitals to factories, if wearables or ID badges are provided to guests, employees or even school children, MAS can help ensure that all have safely exited a building in the event of an emergency, automatically without old-fashioned headcounts.

I have a friend who recently boasted to me about how he can track his children on their cell phones using the mobile-ingrained GPS, even though some of them are now adults. Being able to track your kids may be desirable to some parents, but our applications are designed to protect and respect privacy-the wearables can only be detected by BLE readers installed in designated locations. Put another way, our technology can register when someone has entered a facility and their proximity to beacons within, but not in the outside world. However, in the event of an emergency like a fire or an active shooter situation, MAS can help senior management and first responders determine the locations of personnel in order to help plan any needed rescue.

Perhaps I should have written this back in 2019, but at DeCurtis we have the honor and privilege of helping our clients ensure the safety of those in their duty of care. If you are interested in learning more about how to implement technology to manage risk and keep your guests, employees and children safe, please reach out to our marketing team.

Wishing you health and happiness,

Derek Fournier

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