04 Jun 2021

Why Wearables are Better for Location Tracking in Emergencies than Phones

Businesses of all kinds are tasked with the responsibility of keeping the employees, customers, and guests in their care safe during an emergency. In dangerous situations such as a fire, chemical spill, or an active shooter, workplaces must be able to quickly evacuate their facilities, account for their people, and locate those who may still be in danger or require assistance.

DeCurtis offers a full suite of technology solutions that can assist organizations in mitigating risks and improving safety on both land and sea, including our Mobile Assembly Suite, Suspicious Activity Search, and DeCurtis Shield™.  All of these solutions are greatly enhanced when paired with our location services which utilize wearable devices powered with Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE). When provided with a wearable device, missing employees or guests can be immediately identified and located with pinpoint accuracy within a facility, making it much faster and easier for emergency responders to render aid.

However, some may wonder, why a wearable? Most everyone today has a smartphone with GPS capabilities – why not just install an app with location tracking? Imagine this scenario: It’s 3 PM on a busy workday in your office building. Some employees are at their workstations. Some are on break, and some are in conference rooms having meetings or walking from one area of the building to another. The fire alarm goes off, and everyone must evacuate immediately. Some workers may have their phones with them, but others may have left them at their desks, in their purses or briefcases, or plugged into a charging station. Employees may have left their phone at home or in their car, and some may have just discovered that their battery is dead.

A phone is not connected to a person and is not as dependable as location technology in an emergency.  On the other hand, a wearable is much more likely to be physically on a person in the form of a wristband, company ID badge, or key fob and is, therefore, less likely to be misplaced or forgotten. Wearables are also highly reliable and will not lose power during an emergency. Additionally, DeCurtis’ wearable tracking technology is only activated by approved security personnel during an emergency, so employees need not be concerned about being tracked at all times or if someone is monitoring them to see if they leave early or when they take breaks.

In short, for dependable, high fidelity identification and location services when you need them most, wearable technology is the better, safer solution.

If your business takes the safety and security of your employees and guests seriously, and you are interested in utilizing technical innovations that can save precious lives, DeCurtis has the solutions that can do just that. To learn more, visit our website or contact us.

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