25 May 2021

When Every Second Counts, DeCurtis Delivers

When businesses, schools, hospitals, manufacturing plants, or other facilities need to be evacuated in an emergency – time is of the essence. Delays in gathering or relaying information can cost lives.

That’s why DeCurtis developed the Mobile Assembly Suite (MAS). This innovative technology modernizes old-fashioned evacuation procedures by providing improved visibility into facilities, by accounting for everyone, including those who have exited and those who may be left inside, and by relaying that data immediately to specified management and security team members.

More Efficient and Effective Evacuations

MAS is a live, tablet-based system that, when paired with DeCurtis’s Location Solution, can make the evacuation process much more efficient. Outdated evacuation methods typically require a designated person at each evacuation station to check off employees’ names on a list as they arrive. For this reason, there is great potential for error with the manual “pen and clipboard” system. Those lists usually contain the names of all the people who work in a building, but not everyone who works there may be in the building at the time of an emergency. Employees may have taken a day off or are simply out to lunch during the crisis. With inaccurate or incomplete information, emergency personnel and first responders could waste precious time searching for people who are not in the facility at all.

With MAS, businesses have a real-time manifest of who is in the building at the time of an emergency. When employees arrive at their evacuation stations, Bluetooth technology allows them to be automatically identified and marked as safe, just by coming in proximity to the tablet.

How MAS Can Help Save Lives

People who do not report to their evacuation station but are known to be in the facility are flagged missing in the MAS system. These individuals are identified in real-time and can be located with pinpoint accuracy anywhere in the building. Utilizing a dashboard that shows a floor plan of the entire facility, emergency responders can instantly see the precise location of a missing person. This means that emergency personnel will not waste valuable time searching empty areas of a facility looking for someone who may be injured or in danger. By locating missing people immediately – whether during a fire, chemical spill, or active shooter situation – MAS can help save lives and get aid to those in need. Faster.

For any enterprise, the safety and security of employees and guests is paramount. If you are interested in learning ways to protect your people and reduce risk in today’s volatile world, DeCurtis’s innovations can help. To discover more about MAS and its capabilities, visit our website or contact us.

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