07 May 2021

How to Protect Your Employees without Infringing on their Privacy

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses have had to find ways to prioritize health and safety like never before. It’s not only the proper thing to do but can also protect organizations from potential legal liability in the event of an outbreak, illness, or even death among workers.

Many states have passed legislation that shields businesses from liability claims related to the virus, as long as those businesses adhere to local, state, and federal guidelines and have not behaved recklessly or with a willful disregard for safety.

But it begs the question, in an increasingly litigious society, how can businesses continue to protect their employees and customers from hazards or illness while also protecting their organizations from lawsuits?

Privacy Concerns

As new and innovative technologies were deployed to prevent the spread of the virus, provide contact tracing, and ensure that social distancing or other protocols were followed, many people raised privacy concerns. Would people who had the virus be identified, singled out and/or be discriminated against? Would people who were supposed to be quarantined at home be monitored via GPS? More to the point, could people be tracked without their knowledge or consent?

It’s easy to see how privacy violations might occur in this environment. Fortunately, these worst-case fears have yet to play out in the US in part because technology companies, like DeCurtis, have developed solutions with a balance of safety and privacy in mind.

Locating People in Emergencies

DeCurtis has built an “edge mitigation” solution, the DeCurtis Shield™, which can secure the perimeters of a business’s facilities by providing automated temperature screening of everyone who attempts to enter and flagging those who have a fever. Additionally, this technology can utilize facial recognition to match employee ID photos and identify who is coming in and record the date, time, entry point, and temperature. Data like this can be stored in a database and used to demonstrate a company’s due diligence and dedication to safety and can be invaluable proof in case of a lawsuit.

Additionally, the DeCurtis Shield™ can be used in conjunction with Location and Proximity Solutions, which are powered by a wearable device. These can be distributed to employees and guests in some environments, such as cruise ships or hotels and resorts. Further, real-time location data can be invaluable in the event of an emergency, and with DeCurtis’s technology, the only times this information can be accessed is when authorized by key executives. In the event of a fire or active shooter situation in a facility, or if a business needs to do contact tracing following a COVID-19 exposure, these solutions can immediately identify who has been impacted and where they are, which can also help to direct emergency personnel when needed.

Certainly, business executives should make considerable efforts to communicate to employees that no one is watching their every move or counting how many times they take breaks. This technology is not designed to be “Big Brother.” Instead, this is a powerful, innovative way to keep workers and guests safe when faced with dangerous situations and protect people while respecting their privacy.

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