30 Apr 2021

How DeCurtis Shield™ Can Help During an Active Shooter Situation

Just as there is hope on the horizon to get control over the deadly Coronavirus pandemic, another older threat has re-emerged in the United States – mass shootings. According to an article recently published in the Washington Post, the high profile nature of mass shootings makes them “contagious,” and tragically, they are on the rise.

On March 16th of this year, eight people were killed at three Asian spas in Atlanta, GA. Six days later, ten people were gunned down at a King Soopers supermarket in Colorado, including a Boulder police officer who had responded to the scene. Nine days after that, a shooting at a California office building left four people dead, including a nine-year-old boy.

Unlike following COVID-19 best practices and safety protocols, there is seemingly little people can do to prepare for and prevent these violent and random events. Of particular concern is the threat of mass shootings in schools, such as the terrible events that unfolded at Columbine, Virginia Tech, Sandy Hook, and Stoneman Douglass – all now recognized names.

One of the most frightening aspects of these types of scenarios is the information vacuum that exists while the event is occurring. Parents are frantic because they don’t know if their child(ren) has gotten out safely or requires help. Emergency officials don’t know where precisely to search for people that may need emergency attention. Precious time can be lost while attempting to locate people in large facilities.

DeCurtis has developed an innovative solution that enables school officials and emergency personnel to identify, track, and locate students during an active shooter situation or other kinds of emergencies such as a fire or weather catastrophe. DeCurtis Shield™ has been a powerful tool for schools during the COVID-19 pandemic, providing automated temperature screenings at entry and exit points to reduce the risk of infected people coming inside. Shield can also be integrated with any security system, collect data, and, by using school photographs, perform facial recognition to determine who has entered or exited the premises on any given day. In an active shooter situation, this information can prevent people from searching for students or faculty who aren’t in attendance.

DeCurtis Shield™ can also be paired with a location and proximity solution in the form of wearable devices that schools can give to their students. This technology enables responders to immediately ascertain if anyone is still inside school buildings, identify them, and pinpoint their location so emergency personnel can quickly find and assist them.

This also reduces the danger to rescue professionals who no longer need to search an entire facility, exposing themselves to risk while searching for a missing person(s).

This potentially life-saving technology can not only be used in schools but also in office buildings, manufacturing plants, hospitals and other indoor environments. As gun violence continues to escalate across the country, implementing DeCurtis Shield™ in your facilities can help protect students, teachers, staff, and first responders when lives are on the line and minutes count. To learn more, visit our website or contact us.

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