23 Apr 2021

How Wearable Technology Can Help Your Business in an Emergency

If your business is like most, your offices, buildings, or facilities may regularly have fire drills where everyone must evacuate the premises to practice where to go or meet up in the event of an emergency. Employees generally assemble in a parking lot or other assigned areas, and then there is usually a designated person per floor or department to count heads and ensure that everyone is accounted for.

Regrettably, a manual process like this is prone to mistakes. During an actual emergency, the results could be tragic if there was a miscount of employees and someone was left inside without anyone being aware of it. With the recent increase in workplace violence, fire may not be the only kind of emergency to be concerned with.

Fortunately, to help avoid these issues, businesses can invest in innovative wearable technology that can automate the process of locating employees, eliminate the possibility of human error, and better ensure everyone’s safety. With a bit of ingenuity, they could also make fire drills a thing of the past.

This is not a drill.

DeCurtis Shield™ has been a powerful tool for businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic, providing automated temperature screenings at entry and exit points to provide edge mitigation and reducing the risk of infected people entering secure spaces. Additionally, the next iteration of Shield, Shield Connected, can be integrated with any security system, collect data, and by using employee ID card photographs, perform facial recognition to determine who has entered or exited premises on any given day.

The ultimate iteration of this technology is Shield DXP™ which, in addition to screening everyone going in and out of a facility, tracks employees’ location via wearable devices. In the event of an emergency, this solution would enable you to ascertain if anyone is still inside your building immediately, identify them, and pinpoint their location for emergency personnel to find and assist them quickly.

Wearables can save lives.

Wearables have recently emerged as valuable tools in the health and safety realm. People already wear personal devices that can alert them if their vital signs indicate a health issue, can notify others in the event of a fall or can be used to connect with emergency services if the wearer feels they are in danger.

Now is the time to employ similar powerful technology in the workplace. As an employer, it’s your responsibility to keep your employees safe and healthy while they are on your property, and DeCurtis can help you do just that.

Leveraging our comprehensive suite of software and hardware components, core technical strengths, and robust research and development, we help our global clients address safety and security challenges in complex environments. We can help you and your business, too. To learn more, visit our website or contact us.

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