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13 Apr 2021

DeCurtis Corporation Receives New US Patent

DeCurtis Corporation, the premier provider of location and proximity enabled solutions in complex indoor environments with a focus on health, safety and security, operational enhancement and experience evolution, announce the company has been awarded patent number US10915733 by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). The patent, titled “Temperature Determination from Brain Thermal Tunnel,” adds to DeCurtis’ deep technology portfolio and is focused on enhancing the accuracy of temperature determination of an individual from thermal camera data.

This patent focuses on a system to very accurately determine an individual’s temperature while eliminating environmental influences. This is especially important to outdoor spaces or complex indoor spaces, where ambient temperatures cause problems for other thermal scans. The pandemic raised awareness that using thermal cameras to assess elevated body temperature is a great leading indicator of illness, but the model suffered to provide accurate data. The work on Shield and this patent has moved the pursuit for accurate data far forward and is now a critical solution in a layered approach to mitigating the spread of illness.

“Our company has a successful track record of delivering some of the most successful innovations for the cruise industry,” said Paul Schottland, Senior Vice President of Engineering, DeCurtis Corporation. “Our goal is to expand to other sectors and help them reopen safely in a post-COVID environment using our solutions. This patent gives our customers the ability to leverage the most accurate health screening technology to implement powerful health protocols moving forward.”

DeCurtis Corporation provides a wide range of solutions to solve problems pertaining to health, safety and security, operational efficiency, and guest experience. They recently installed their health screening solution, DeCurtis Shield™, in Houston under CARES Act funding. DeCurtis Shield™, the solution using the new patented technology, still qualifies for federal funding under the recent COVID-19 Relief Bill, making this new patented solution the more intelligent choice for entities looking to invest in health solutions.

Details of the issued patent can be found here.

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