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15 Feb 2021

Tech: One Weapon in Your Arsenal

Our company, like others, entered new industries due to the COVID-19 pandemic. During this process, we have learned a lot about how to set up safer health protocols to help mitigate the spread of illness with the use of technology, and I want to share what we have learned because it might help someone in any industry put the right health safety protocols in place for their specific needs.

As I previously stated in earlier articles, it is our opinion there is no single answer to eradicating a virus. We have learned by helping clients that it takes layers of protocols to mitigate the spread of a virus like COVID-19. Eradicating a virus cannot be the goal of implementing safer health protocols because viruses do not get eliminated–viruses can only be prevented. With that being said, I want to continue the conversation I started a few weeks ago with my post to share what we have learned in the hopes that it might be beneficial to others looking for answers in how to address future health crises. Like it or not, it is now the opinion of medical experts that COVID-19 is something we will be living with for the foreseeable future.

“But my company is in trouble. We have been hemorrhaging cash since the start of the pandemic.”

I understand. I am living in that same world, right along with side you. I know it is hard, and we know not every company will make it. As leaders of companies, we lie awake worried about our company and employees’ viability every night. We are charged with keeping them safe first (as you have heard us prattle on about countless times before). The layers of protection start with your team.

The basics always matter. Good hygiene. Solid and consistent mask protocol. Sanitizing intelligently.

But beyond the basics, the last year presented other opportunities to layer in technology that can help make your environment safer and, therefore, your team safer. The natural extension is a safer place for your customers or clients to conduct business in and a safer place for folks to work and engage in your flavor of commerce. Each and every safer place we have raises the bar of safety for our whole community.

“I know everyone wants a single thing to make things go back to the way they were before. That is simply not going to happen. A well-thought-out approach now will yield incremental results that can be built upon over time and literally raise the bar in these critical areas for us all.


Now we get to technology, and here I will sound a bit salesy, so apologies in advance. We have many clients who already own some of our core technology that can be leveraged to increase their environments’ health, safety, and security. From cruise lines to municipalities, there are some core areas to attack with the smart deployment of technology in their safer health protocols that can yield tremendous results.

Edge Mitigation

Maybe the phrase has been confusing people, but with any risk, the best way to avoid it is to keep it away. Edge mitigation is the process of screening anyone entering your space for signs of illness. The market seems to get this, but even in places where you would expect this step to be incredibly well followed (like a premier medical facility serving cancer patients), I have witnessed poor adherence to basic protocols. To implement robust protocols, it starts with a strategy.

That strategy is NOT marketing.

Stop telling your team and your customers how much you are doing to keep them safe and then leaving them to find bad tech that is hard to use, and at best, provides inaccurate results.

Yes. I know it seemed cheaper.

It was not, and it is not as it:

  • Does not work
  • When it does yield a result, it is inaccurate

This leaves you with either a manual workaround for a team member and puts them in the ethical conundrum if this is a back of house operation for sending a co-worker home.

DeCurtis Shield is accurate and fast because we use high-end components and have a patented set of approaches to get you a reliable temperature. Further, it can integrate with the other items that should not only be deployed but also recorded. Things like mask adherence and health questionnaires are part of a smart and safer edge mitigation approach.

“Stop leaving this to a team member armed only with a temporal scanner and a clipboard. This is too important and there are solutions like ours that can help you address this near-term threat with an eye toward an adaptable, holistic solution for years to come.

So, as you and your team continue to confront this foe, let us help. Whether you are looking for ways to quickly, accurately and more safely check people when they enter or exit your facility or a more advanced model to help provide true contact tracing within your complex indoor environment, our technology is uniquely positioned to allow immediate improvement to the levels of health, safety and security while providing a platform for logical and timely integration with critical systems like access control, CCTV and down the road, operational systems and experience enhancement opportunities.

We are in this fight together. We know we cannot solve all the problems. There are a few of the challenges we face together that our tech can genuinely be of tremendous benefit. Let us work with you and find a way to get them integrated, whether you are an existing or new client.

The layers matter. Don’t leave your best jacket or gloves in the closet.

It’s cold out there.

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