17 Dec 2020

The City of Houston Selects DeCurtis Shield™ to Enhance the Health and Safety of their Facilities

The city of Houston has chosen to install DeCurtis Shield™ Kiosks at its facilities to improve employees’ and guests’ safety as part of their new health standards. Kiosks at their entrances will automate the temperature screening process as part of its new robust health and safety practices in response to COVID-19 and future health threats.

“Mayor Turner has taken the proactive lead in mitigating illness for The city of Houston by implementing a health screening solution not only to streamline the process but provide accurate data as part of our new health initiative,” said  Jane Cheeks, Director, Human Resources. “DeCurtis Shield™ is a key component to our goal of mitigating the spread of illness and keeping our employees and the citizens of Houston safe.”

Houston is the fourth-largest city in the United States. The most recent travel statistics reported that over 3.5 million travelers visited in 2017, and technology to enhance their facilities’ health while assisting in mitigating the spread of an outbreak is critical to keep this large metropolis safely open.

“Mayor Turner understands the need for an accurate health screening process as part of their health initiative to provide a safer environment for their employees so they can remain open,” said Camille Olivere, Senior Vice President Sales and Marketing, DeCurtis Corporation. “We are proud to provide patent pending technology which enables a more accurate and efficient enhancement to the city of Houston’s already robust protocols.”


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