19 Nov 2020

Why Choose DeCurtis’ Safety and Security Technology

Now, more than ever, businesses that want to thrive during these tumultuous times must actively work to ensure the safety of their employees, customers, the general public, as well as their facilities and assets.

Businesses must take advantage of security technology improvements, which enable more control, advanced automation, more efficient and easily scalable operations, and most important – improved safety.

Businesses across industries should take the opportunity to review their current systems, identify and eliminate any federally banned technology, and unify discrete systems from multiple vendors or replace proprietary products with specialized maintenance needs. These outdated systems were not created to address the unique problems that 2020 has ushered in, and they were not built to address future issues.

DeCurtis’ Safety and Security Technology was specifically designed to help future-proof organizations and create an optimized and integrated security infrastructure that reduces the need for additional resources, maintenance, or administration.

Our seasoned security tech experts have decades of experience solving the most challenging security issues in complex indoor environments – from cruise ships and casinos to hospitals and schools. Here’s a brief look at our offerings:

  • Video Surveillance Solutions – Smart, intuitive, easy-to-use video surveillance solutions that provide greater situational awareness, focused investigation tools, and address risk management, especially when connected to the DeCurtis Experience Platform™. (See How to Choose the Right Video Surveillance Solution.)
  • Health and Safety Solutions – DeCurtis Shield™ is a scalable suite of tools that helps mitigate the threat of an outbreak by providing accurate and instant temperature screenings. It can also allow for data recording and storage, retroactive timelines, and location-based contact tracing.
  • Biometric Solutions – We leverage secure, touchless, biometric solutions – such as facial recognition technology – to provide instant, accurate identification and access.
  • Entry Point Safety – Our Shield kiosks can be positioned specifically at entrance points to screen entrants, and our video surveillance solutions can help establish a broader perimeter of safety to act as a first line of defense.

At DeCurtis, we’re raising the bar for health, safety and security. To learn more about our robust platform, visit our website or contact us today.

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