04 Nov 2020

Health and Safety Technology Are Here to Stay

More than a few businesses have been reluctant to make significant investments in health and safety technology during the COVID-19 pandemic thinking that such technology might become obsolete when the crisis passes.

Unfortunately, there is the possibility that the crisis may not be eradicated but instead become an ongoing reality similar to the battle we face annually in combating the flu. Some scientists predict that the virus will ebb and flow years into the future, making intermittent shut-downs and preventative measures part of the “new normal.”

Even after a vaccine is developed, worldwide distribution and acceptance of the vaccine may be problematic. The vaccine may only provide temporary immunity, and many people may continue to be fearful of going out in public or resume their normal activities. Worse yet, even if we could get control over COVID-19, experts predict that there are more pandemics to come. In recent years, the world has faced threats from SARS, MERS, Ebola, avian influenza and swine flu, and while we were fortunate to see those not escalate to have the impact that the Coronavirus has had, there is no reason to believe more threats will not arise.

The Atlantic recently posted an article raising the possibility of a “double pandemic” – where a second virus develops and spreads simultaneously as COVID-19, which is clearly a frightening scenario. And as flu season begins in the Northern Hemisphere, many are concerned about the possible impacts of people getting infected with the flu and Coronavirus simultaneously.

Like so many things in 2020, what will happen will be unusual and unknown. However, what is known is the pandemic has served as a catalyst for digital acceleration across industries and consumers have adopted and embraced new technologies. COVID-19 has changed the way we live. Many of those changes we have adopted may become permanent, such as online banking, online grocery shopping, and even the dramatic rise of telehealth services.

Health and Safety Never Goes Out of Style

Likewise, the threat of a COVID-19 outbreak has launched a slew of innovations designed to mitigate the risk of disease outbreak for businesses, their employees, and their customers. This includes health screening and monitoring devices, facial recognition and thermal imaging tools, spatial/measuring apps that encourage social distancing, contact tracing apps, digital passports, and more.

Businesses that invest in these technologies now can help protect against COVID-19 today, as well as be prepared for whatever the future holds. Companies that put rigorous safety protocols and advanced digital tools in place will have a competitive advantage over those that do not. By actively demonstrating care for employees’ and customers’ health and safety, businesses can rise above any health crisis and effectively adapt to a new way of life.

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