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26 Oct 2020

Story Highlight: Safer Environments for Restaurants

DeCurtis Shield™ provides a safer environment for restaurant patrons and staff.

Situation: Once restaurants were allowed to reopen with reduced capacity, the question was how to do so while protecting their staff and showing the patrons, they are providing mitigation strategies. According to the CDC “…prompt identification of COVID-19 patients is important to slow the spread of disease, testing should be considered for fever, cough or shortness of breath….” Patrons or employees can be easily identified and turned away from if they show signs of shortness of breath or cough, so the business needed a solution to accurately assess temperature while maintaining social distancing protocols and not potentially expose an employee to illness. Manual temperature assessment did not provide the level of accuracy the restaurant wanted to provide.

Solution: The restaurant turned to DeCurtis Corporation and its health technology solution — DeCurtis Shield™. This solution cannot detect a virus, but thermal imaging cameras can be used as a tool to conduct non-touch screenings for elevated body temperature quickly and accurately.

Outcome: DeCurtis Shield™ was installed at the restaurant venue. The kiosk did not disrupt the flow of patrons, nor did it take up a lot of room at the business entrance. Patrons felt safe entering the restaurant upon seeing the empowered level of screening the venue implemented. The staff was also less stressed upon returning to work, knowing that the screening did not require a person to operate the kiosk, which limited the risk of exposure. DeCurtis Shield™ quickly and accurately assessed temperate from the brain thermal tunnel eliminating environmental influences in the screening process. Employees felt safer returning to work, knowing an accurate screening process was in place that seamlessly screened all employees upon arrival for their shift.

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