26 Oct 2020

Sales Empowerment Group Installs DeCurtis Shield™ as Part of its New Health and Safety Initiative

DeCurtis Corporation continues its launch of DeCurtis Shield™ at Sales Empowerment Group (SEG) in Chicago, Illinois to enhance the health, safety and security of staff and visitors to the office. SEG will operate DeCurtis Shield™ Kiosks to automate the temperature screening process as part of its new health and safety initiative due to COVID-19.

SEG is a sales consultancy and staffing company that provides an outsourced sales model to accelerate sales pipeline and growth for companies needing to scale their organization. Their consulting practices pinpoints areas of sales friction for a company, identify possible areas of growth, and advise company leaders and sales team on the best practices to ensure optimum growth.

“For our business to open safely, we needed to find a mitigation solution that would accurately and quickly assess the temperature of all who entered our building,” said Kevin Potrzeba, President of SEG. “We chose DeCurtis Shield for two reasons. First, temperature is assessed from the thermal brain tunnel eliminating interference from environmental elements. Second, this health data is collected rapidly, not disrupting staff and visitors entering the office.”


“We are excited to expand the DeCurtis Shield™ in the commercial business space with SEG to create a seamless way for employees and visitors processed, resulting in a safer environment,” said Camille Olivere, Senior Vice President Sales and Marketing, DeCurtis Corporation. “SEG is setting an example by using the best technology as its mitigation solution. We are proud to launch Shield and support their new health protocols in providing a safer environment for all who enter their business.”

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