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22 Oct 2020

Highlight Story: City Leaders Can Keep Infrastructure Open

DeCurtis helps city leaders stay open for business whether it’s critical infrastructure or day to day meetings.

Situation:  Essential businesses, like municipalities, had to operate during COVID-19, but they struggled to continue to work while providing a safe environment. Critical infrastructures must stay open. Municipalities require larger group gatherings to conduct business, and the question was how to do this safely to mitigate the spread of illness. During the early days of the pandemic, there was little knowledge of the virus and the best way to provide a safe office environment. Employees were gripped with the fear of not knowing if they would be sick or exposed. Temperature screenings were soon declared the best way to provide a safer environment. The manual process of taking temperature from the forehead by an employee was time-consuming and potentially exposed employees to illness and temperature readings were often inaccurate. Cities hold critical meetings that must be well attended. The fear of COVID-19 threatened to reduce attendance numbers to critical gatherings and adversely affect business as usual for the City.

Solution:  The city leaders turned to DeCurtis Corporation and its health technology solution — DeCurtis Shield™. This solution cannot detect a virus, but thermal imaging cameras are used to conduct non-touch screenings for elevated body temperature quickly and accurately. The smart thermography cameras assess temperature at the brain thermal tunnel using a patent-pending methodology to provide the most accurate body temperature.

Outcome: DeCurtis Shield™ quickly and accurately screened all individuals entering the building for elevated body temperature. All visitors and employees participating in meetings were screened and had peace of mind that temperatures taken were accurate. Attendance went up when word got out that DeCurtis Shield™ was being used to screen all employees and guests for elevated body temperature upon entrance to the venue. The screening process did not add to the meeting time and was conducted seamlessly to keep the meeting schedule on time. DeCurtis Shield™ provided peace of mind for all in attendance and their families knowing that the City provided the best solution to protect its employees, guests, and the City during this unprecedented time.

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