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21 Oct 2020

Highlight Story: Peace of Mind at School

Parents and educators are given peace of mind with accurate temperature assessment at schools.

Situation:  School officials had to decide on implementing appropriate mitigation measures in schools to protect students, teachers, administrators, and other staff. The school leaders decided its first line of defense needed to be a temperature screening solution for everyone entering the facility. The school needed a solution that would accurately assess temperature regardless of the environmental elements that might interfere with a manual solution. A manual screening process would not only not provide an accurate temperature, but it would take more time – reducing the time in the classroom for the students and slowing down the entrance of essential guests and instructors.

Solution:  School officials turned to DeCurtis Corporation and its health technology solution — DeCurtis Shield™. This solution cannot detect a virus, but thermal imaging cameras can be used as a tool to conduct non-touch screenings for elevated body temperature quickly and accurately.

Outcome:  DeCurtis Shield™ assesses temperature from the brain thermal tunnel eliminating environmental influences that could produce inaccurate temperature. Three Shield kiosks processed 900 kids in 30 minutes and did not delay school entrance. Parents have peace of mind that accurate temperature screening is being used to help mitigate the spread of illness. Knowing staff, students, and visitors who register a temperature are not allowed on the campus, resulting in healthy campus and a confident community.

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