Invest in Future Tech
06 Oct 2020

Invest in Future-Proof Security Solutions

Businesses across all industries have had to adapt to the COVID-19 pandemic by updating their safety policies and procedures, implementing enhanced sanitization and cleaning, and investing in better safety technology. While it is clearly essential to respond and take responsible action in the current environment, it is just as important to invest in technologies that will go beyond addressing today’s challenges to help protect the safety of your facilities, employees, and customers well into the future.

Innovative technologies such as smart video solutions, health screening kiosks, touchless biometric access screeners, and location and proximity tracking can not only help your business recover from today’s crisis. Still, they can prepare and protect your business from whatever the future may hold.

Invest in American-made, FDA-approved Solutions

One way to help ensure the health technology you invest in will be around for the long haul is to choose solutions proudly made in the US and approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Some companies had already invested in foreign-made video surveillance systems only to discover that the US government has banned their equipment due to cybersecurity concerns. If those companies want to do business with the government or work on government contracts, they are required to replace/disable those systems or face being banned from working with the US government. (To learn more, see The Dangers of Using Banned Surveillance Cameras.)

Beyond complying with the law, ensuring your surveillance system is a fully compliant solution provides the peace of mind that customer support and maintenance will be available for the life of the product and that foreign supply chain disruptions won’t impact you. Additionally, if you work for a state, local, or tribal government agency, US approved safety and security technology purchased to help mitigate the current pandemic (such as health monitoring kiosks), may be eligible for CARES Act funding.

Invest in Leading-Edge Technology

Another way to make sure you invest in a system that meets both your current and future needs is to choose an innovative, leading-edge solution that incorporates proven technology, science, and research. For example, thermal imaging cameras and temperature screening kiosks allow for automated health screenings that are completed within one second, significantly reducing the risk and increasing the accuracy associated with manual screenings.

Additionally, performing temperature readings from a person’s “brain thermal tunnel,” a bi-directional tunnel that starts at the intersection of the nose and the eye (essentially near the tear duct), has been proven to provide the most precise measurement of brain temperature.

Using innovative thermal imaging technologies can provide an ideal first line of defense for your business, greatly reducing the risk that anyone with a fever will access the premises and risk infecting others. (Read Use Thermal Imaging Systems as a First Line of Defense)

Invest in Experience

Ultimately, whether you are looking to Choose the Right Solution or considering other safety and security technologies to protect your people, places and possessions, look for a partner who has ample experience and can offer ongoing expertise and support.

At DeCurtis, our team is comprised of seasoned security technology experts with decades of experience solving some of the most challenging problems in complex environments. Contact us to see how we can help your business with safety technologies to mitigate today’s risks and prepare for tomorrow’s.

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