04 Sep 2020

How to Choose the Right Video Surveillance Solution

Ensuring that your business, associates, facilities, and assets are all safe and secure is more critical now than ever, regardless of your industry. That’s why it’s vital to have a video surveillance solution that specifically meets your business needs. An advanced CCTV solution offers control and automation, provides intuitive features,  and increases the safety of all those you serve.   

In addition to a full suite of safety and security products, DeCurtis now offers smart, intuitive, easy-to-use video surveillance solutions. These products provide greater situational awareness, focused investigation tools, and better address risk management than the competition.

“Our evolution into the health arena was ushered along by the recent pandemic,” said Derek Fournier, President and Chief Executive Officer of DeCurtis Corporation. “We are excited to add video surveillance to enhance further our service offering to our clients to assist them increase efficiency and optimize their risk management process regarding health and safety. (Read the full press release here.)

If you are considering investing in a new CCTV solution or upgrading your current one, the following are some criteria that should weigh into your decision:

EXPERIENCE – Be sure to buy from a partner who has ample experience in your industry and can offer ongoing expertise and support beyond the initial installation. At DeCurtis, our team is comprised of seasoned security technology experts with decades of experience solving some of the most challenging problems in complex indoor environments. We’ve secured locations that include cruise ships, resorts, and casinos, large-scale outdoor environments, on and offshore gas and oil facilities in austere locations, and US Government and Department of Defense venues worldwide.

TAILORED SOLUTION – When you’re looking for video surveillance solutions, one size does not fit all. We’ll help identify exactly which system and hardware will best meet your requirements. If the “perfect solution” doesn’t exist, we’ll build it for you!

INTEGRATED – You can maximize your CCTV solutions’ value, efficiency, and impact when you integrate them with a unified, secure, and intelligent platform like the DeCurtis Experience Platform (DXP™). Specifically, integration with our Location Solution will enhance security by delivering actionable, accurate location and proximity data that increases the overall security and safety of all parties involved. Note that location services can help turn your CCTV system into an effective contact tracing tool in the event of a communicable disease outbreak.

COMPLIANCE WITH FEDERAL REQUIREMENTS – In August, the US Government banned the use or procurement of foreign-made video surveillance cameras from Dahua, Hikvision, and Huawei over security concerns for federally funded projects. All of DeCurtis’ product solutions are 100% compliant with the Federal Regulations. This also enables state, local, and tribal governments to invest in our safety and security products and potentially have the expense fully or partially funded through the CARES Act.

A LONG-TERM INVESTMENTIn this time of increased security, it’s essential to have a system that will not only meet your needs during today’s crisis but also address whatever tomorrow has in store. Our video surveillance solutions will improve your operational efficiencies, increase redundancy, and ultimately cut costs by using a fully optimized infrastructure that can scale easily to meet your needs. Plus, we’re here to provide ongoing support whenever you need it. 

Whatever your business, safety and security are more imperative than ever. A smart investment in a fully connected video surveillance solution could make all the difference during critical moments. To learn more about how our safety and security technology solutions can help protect your complex indoor or outdoor space, visit our website or contact us.


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