17 Jul 2020

Drive Recovery by Protecting Employees and Customers

Businesses that depend upon social gatherings in indoor locations have been hit especially hard by the COVID-19 pandemic. Even as companies get the green light to reopen, full recovery will not happen overnight. Wary employees and customers will need reassurances that it is safe to return.

Regardless of what industry you’re in, the best way to drive your recovery right now is by protecting your staff and the public by implementing an automated health monitoring solution such as DeCurtis Shield™.

DeCurtis Shield™ is a health monitoring kiosk that can help mitigate the spread of illness in any indoor environment through edge-mitigation and connected monitoring. This flexible solution can be deployed in different ways to accommodate the specific needs of your business:

Automated Temperature Checks By positioning DeCurtis Shield™ at a secure entryway for your business to screen temperatures of staff and visitors, you can prevent potentially ill people from entering the premises and also protect employees from the risk of manually taking the temperatures of others. Used in conjunction with social distancing protocols, good hand hygiene and masks or other PPE, this advanced thermal imaging device can be a critical tool in advancing your health and safety protocols, thus helping you to earn the trust of employees and guests.

Automated Temperature Checks with Data Storage In addition to temperature screening, DeCurtis Shield™ has facial identification capabilities that can be compared with ID badges or other staff/guest photos on file. This gives your business an ongoing record of who has had their temperature checked and when, which could be invaluable if your business ever needs to prove that they were actively monitoring temperatures onsite. This data is stored securely, which further helps to reassure those entering.

Automated Temperature Checks | Data Storage | Location Tracking For the highest level of protection, you can add true location and proximity data by way of Bluetooth Low Energy readers and wearable technology to the mix. This allows you to track where an at-risk person has been, as well as who they have been proximal to. This not only makes contact tracing much faster and easier, but also indicates where enhanced cleaning protocols should be directed. DeCurtis’ Location Solution easily integrates with DeCurtis Shield™ and this robust solution can help reassure wary employees and guests when they know how you can start to address potential outbreaks in real time.

This range of Good-Better-Best solutions allows businesses to select the option that best fits their needs while providing them with the benefits of automated health screening. Simply having Shield Kiosks onsite can go a long way towards showing your employees and customers your commitment to their health and safety.

DeCurtis Shield™ was initially developed for the cruise industry after multiple lines voluntarily closed to help slow the spread of COVID-19. When the cruise lines reopen in September, they will need innovative solutions to win back the trust of wary passengers. DeCurtis Shield™ is absolutely one of those solutions, although we do maintain that there is no silver bullet when it comes to managing a pandemic.

Your business can leverage these innovations today. Because DeCurtis Shield™ has a stand-alone option, it can be up and running very quickly, deployed in a wide range of industries and can drive a safe, successful recovery right away. This solution can grow into a connected health and safety strategy that will have lasting benefits after this current crisis is handled.

Let us help your business provide a more trustworthy environment by including our health, safety and security technologies to mitigate the spread of illness through better health screening, continuous monitoring and proactive management. Rebuilding this trust through protecting employees and guests is crucial to reopening.

Visit our website to learn more about our solutions, schedule a demo or have someone from our staff contact you to see how DeCurtis Shield™ can assist your individual needs.



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