03 Jul 2020

How Your Business Can Leverage Innovations Developed for the Cruise Industry

While cruise lines are struggling to regain their footing as the COVID-19 pandemic continues, many industries that require group environments to are also seeking solutions to provide their customers and employees with the reassurance of safety. The holistic strategy we have put together including edge-mitigation technology was a direct response to our ties in cruise but is applicable to many other sectors.  

The instant impacts to our clients and partners in the cruise industry affected us at DeCurtis in more ways than one, but we immediately wanted to be part of the solution. Already a leading provider of solutions with a focus on safety and security, we felt that health was a natural extension of our current offeringsWe developed DeCurtis Shield, an innovative piece of our holistic mitigation strategy designed to protect crew and guests with non-contact edge detection.  

DeCurtis Shield is a standalone kiosk that can make an immediate impact by efficiently collecting screening data at any secure entry and exit point. By using a combination of facial identification and thermal imaging to assess temperatureDeCurtis Shield captures actionable data allowing wide range of businesses better to protect their guests, employees, and enterprises. The immediate implementation of a standalone Shield Kiosk has obvious benefits, but DeCurtis Shield becomes further robust in the secure storage of data and reporting capabilities when connected to the DeCurtis Experience PlatformThough developed with DeCurtis’s cruise line clients in mind, DeCurtis Shield kiosks can continually monitor in any complex indoor environment, including hospitals, hotels, casinos, resorts, universities, college dorms, office complexes, convention centers, and entertainment venues.  

By positioning DeCurtis Shield at any secure entryway, a business can accurately screen every person entering a space without contact, which reduces the risk of exposure to staff who had been manually taking temperatures, as well as for everyone already inside the facility.  People with elevated temperatures can be quickly identified and sent home, mitigating the spread of illness. 

Additionally, it is possible for someone who does not have aelevated temperature when they enter a space to develop one over time.  To address this, Shield kiosks can also be placed throughout a facility for continuous monitoring so that immediate actions can be taken as soon as illness is discovered. 

Further, when paired with DeCurtis’ location and proximity trackinga management team can not only identify when someone develops an elevated temperature, but also know where that person has been and with whom that person has been in contact.  This allows the appropriate teams to quickly address and control potential outbreaks and perform contact tracing that is vital to everyone’s safety. 

DeCurtis technology can be applied in many different settings. In a hospital, for example, while patients are attended to and monitored by health professionals, employees and visitors can be virtually monitored as well, adding a layer of protection to reduce exposure. In addition to placing Shield kiosks at the entranceways, Shield kiosks could be positioned by the entrances to each floor of patient rooms or hospital wings for supplemental monitoring. 

As offices reopen and employees return, buildings can leverage this technology to help reassure workers that it is safe to come back. Because one of the DeCurtis Shield options is a standalone solution, it is easy to implement rapidly in any complex indoor environment and can aid virtually any business to get back on its feet by helping ensure the health and well-being of employees and customers. This allows businesses to start edge-mitigation immediately and DeCurtis Shield can mature into a more robust solution as it becomes more connected 

While there is no single solution to the threats posed by COVID-19, DeCurtis Shield can be a substantial part of your business’ mitigation strategy. Contact us to harness the power of DeCurtis Shield for your organization. 


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