19 Jun 2020

How Tracking Technology Can Enhance Employee and Guest Safety

Current disruptions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic are widely reported in the media. But if one were to look back only a few years and take note of Ebola, SARS and MERS breakouts, the potential for a new disease to radically change the way people live, work and travel has been present for quite some time. Even as the world opens back up again, it is apparent that many of these changes are here to stay. Whether we are addressing the current crises or looking ahead to the inevitable next one, there are ways we can get back to business.

The companies that will survive this disruption will be the ones who make employee and guest safety an evergreen top priority. In a post-pandemic world, many people will be reluctant to return to work, travel, or resume their daily activities without visible reassurance that the businesses they interact with are actively dedicated to protecting people, reducing risk, and preventing the spread of illness.

As companies across all industries struggle with putting necessary protocols in place to provide a new level of safety, innovations in technology can greatly accelerate and optimize processes, reduce the chances of human error, offer “contactless” solutions, and increase speed and efficiency for a better overall experience.

This is where innovative solutions like DeCurtis Shield come in.

Better, More Efficient Health Tracking

Many businesses have begun manually taking employees’ and guests’ temperatures each day as they enter a building, attend an event, visit an attraction, or board a ship. This manual process not only poses risks for the workers taking the temperatures, but also exposes those having their temperatures taken. Additionally, the screening areas may not collect or retain the health data they gather, making the information essentially useless and unavailable for future reference or tracking.

Shield, a standalone kiosk that addresses both of these issues, can make an immediate impact by efficiently collecting health information at any secure entry and exit point. By using a combination of facial recognition and thermal imaging to assess temperature, Shield captures actionable health data, allowing industries to better protect their guests, employees, and business.

By placing Shield kiosks throughout an environment, such as a cruise ship, a hotel/casino, or a theme park, health can be continually monitored, allowing for quick actions to be taken to lessen the spread of illness. People who have developed a fever, for example, can be immediately notified, quarantined or sent home, before exposing others.

Add the Powerful Protection of Location Tracking

The DeCurtis Experience Platform provides location and proximity tracking for indoor environments by outfitting employees and guests with wearable devices. Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, this technology was used primarily to improve customer experience and to provide the cruise lines with invaluable data.

When Shield is used in conjunction with our proprietary location and proximity solution, the location of high-risk individuals can be tracked – so businesses can not only determine where the potentially exposed person is, but also know where they have been and with whom they have been in contact. This automates and expedites the “contact-tracing” that many states have been paying investigators to do manually. (Watch video)

The combination of ongoing health monitoring with location tracking can provide real-time and retroactive data that allows businesses to address potential outbreaks quickly, assess interaction risks, and implement targeted cleaning protocols. This type of information is critical to keeping facilities open and operating in an outbreak situation.

Businesses like yours can quickly and easily adopt Shield, an immediate solution that will put your employees and guests at ease, and protect your business.

Let us help your business navigate through the current global crisis, as well as stay ahead of the next one, by utilizing our health and location tracking technologies to help mitigate the spread of illness through better health screening, continuous monitoring and proactive management. Contact us or visit our website for more information.


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