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13 Mar 2020

An Important Message from DeCurtis

We are a technology company. We are not political leaders, spiritual advisors or any form of guiding light. We are co-inhabitants of this planet, and we, like you, worry about the state of the planet and the health of our fellow human beings. We are bolstered by recent global actions that are taking this situation seriously and mobilizing all resources possible to ensure the health and safety of everyone – especially the most vulnerable amongst us – both medically and financially, as this crisis is one of not only health but also of livelihood. To you and those you love, we are with you and doing all that we can to reduce exposure and assist in the effort to quell this pandemic.

Separately, but also critically, as a company who proudly exists to serve the travel and tourism space as our primary market, DeCurtis Corporation is living day-to-day with the impact of the current Coronavirus crisis. From the ships our employees are sailing on to the virus now impacting every city we call home, we see the immense pressure and fear that has hit guests, potential guests, crew members, terminal employees, and other cruise suppliers of our wonderful industry. We see the mounting pressure that this global challenge has brought to the lines who are working diligently to continue being one of, if not the, safest forms of travel and leisure available in the world. The impact on the lines and their partners has been unparalleled for both the immediate and longer-term business outlooks. We know this is not limited to cruise as the entire hospitality industry is facing a clear and present need to increase their diligence. DeCurtis believes that the industry has already started a renaissance that can be part of the ever-evolving methodology to address concerns like those presented by the Coronavirus. At the heart of our very purpose as expressed by our company Vision Statement (yes, we still believe in those and actually work on them) are the following words:

Create a company that makes a difference: A difference to our clients, to each other and to the world that we all share.

The most tangible and direct way we can do that is expressed in our Mission Statement:

To be the industry leader who delivers the world’s leading end-to-end location and proximity product solution for any complex indoor environment.

We continue to support our employees, community and each other while doing our level best to take the horsepower we have and make sure that when and where it can make a difference, we
make sure that it does.

In closing, be smart. Listen to the strong guidance the scientific community is providing and know that many companies just like us are out here trying to find ways to make the things we love to do safer every day.


DeCurtis Corporation

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