29 Aug 2019

The Guest Experience on a Cruise is Improving

Here at DeCurtis, we understand the unique challenges facing the cruise industry and we build solutions for these challenges to improve and enhance the overall guest experience. The DeCurtis Experience Platform (DXP) contains several different suites or modules and allows both guests and crew to enjoy an improved, empowered guest experience.

This experience begins with how we utilize location-and-proximity-enabled features that work in a metal box at sea.  We leverage our Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) readers that read ‘chirps’ from smartphone and wearable devices, thus driving the location and proximity aware applications. There is no need for dry dock to install our BLE readers because they plug into existing access points. Here are three examples of suites and how they improve the guest experience on a cruise.

Mobile Assembly Suite

Our award-winning Mobile Assembly Suite (MAS) is the most advanced e-mustering system in the cruise industry. With a focus on adaptability and integration, MAS seamlessly provides accurate, real-time data to the Captain, Bridge Officers and Safety Teams throughout the entire muster process. MAS provides fast and accurate reporting on this mustering process that paper-based models can’t deliver.

Wayfinding Suite

Once the muster drill is over, another one of our suites—Wayfinding—can assist the guest in learning the ship. Ships are huge, floating hotels and being lost on one is never fun. Guests do not have to miss an experience with our Wayfinding Suite at their fingertips. Guests can find things on the ship with confidence using this virtual assistant allowing them to smoothly navigate to any vista or experience anywhere on the ship.
Our Food and Beverage Suite allows the crew to create and manage a unique experience for each guest providing a dynamic delivery network driven by location awareness. As a guest explores the ship, they can use this suite to order food and have it delivered to their room at a certain time or have the crew find them at their current location onboard. This suite allows the crew to tailor the cruise experience to avoid long lines while being more efficient.

The DXP has other key solutions that include activity and voyage reservations, free-flow embarkation and disembarkation modules, table management, cabin, and housekeeping notifications, kid activity and safety solutions. With a long history in the cruise industry, DeCurtis knows how to deal with shipboard life and transform the guest experience.

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