15 Aug 2019

Ahoy, Hamburg!

Next month is Seatrade Europe in Hamburg, Germany, September 11-13. Seatrade Cruise Events describes the city as follows on their website, “a vibrant city with dynamic growth and trendsetting industries. The Hanseatic city is the economic powerhouse of Germany and is one of the strongest regions in Europe in terms of business activity. As a major port, Hamburg is also one of the busiest trading hubs in the world.” This bustling metropolis is the perfect city for this event, and DeCurtis is thrilled to be attending this show for the first time. It will be a busy week of networking, meeting new friends, and catching up with old ones in the cruise industry. But one can’t visit Hamburg without trying to experience some of the local restaurant and bar venues.

Hamburg has several Michelin quality restaurants and all types of bars to fit every personality, much like the ships in cruise lines do for their passengers. Elegant bars with spectacular water views, or local pubs with character, there is something for everyone in Hamburg. While researching where to visit one realizes quickly why this city hosts the Seatrade Europe show every year.

Here are some restaurants and bars on our list to visit if time permits while we are in town for Seatrade Europe:


Hamburg offers plenty for seafood lovers, and Jellyfish is one of the best seafood restaurants in the city – with a Michelin star to prove it. All the seafood is sustainable and wild-caught, and the menu is designed to take guests on a culinary journey, offering five, six, and seven-course options. Dishes vary depending on which ingredients are in season, with highlights including Breton lobster, monkfish and salmon with pistachio and Jerusalem artichoke.

Seven Seas

Awarded an impressive two Michelin stars, the restaurant is the perfect place to celebrate a special occasion. Diners can choose from menus including the Seven Seas Tasting Menu, Recommending Menu or Menu Du Jardin, which are based on classic French cuisine. Their waterside location inspires the food.

Gaststätte Dreyer located at Martin-Luther-Str. 4

Described on Yelp (and translated from German) is this promising description, “Nothing modern, nothing fashion here slips together young and old. The counter is low, an eye-catcher. Old radios and clocks decorate the wall, and next to the divine-old jukebox, which rarely plays the desired order.” This bar has no social media and no website.  We think this bar does not want either because this bar is way too cool to need modern marketing platforms. This is a venue with character.

Skylight Bar 20up located at Bernhard-Nocht-Straße 97

Have a cocktail with panoramic views of the Hamburg Port at the Skylight Bar 20up located in the Empire Riverside Hotel. Boosting first-class drinks and the best view in town, the Skylight Bar 20up looks like it should be on a cruise ship it is so elegant. With a “sporty, elegant” dress code, this bar is the perfect place to watch the sunset after the show.

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