30 Jan 2019

A Word from Our President

If you have had the pleasure of holding a conversation with our President, Derek Fournier, you may have noticed his vast vocabulary. His vocabulary is so extensive in fact, that many a colleague – who will remain nameless- have had to Google definitions during presentations to follow the conversation. This issue has come up so often in the DeCurtis family, we decided to make it a learning tool on our blog and poke fun at Derek for being a smarty pants.

Introducing the “A Word from Our President” blog series. We will take a word Derek has used in conversation that stumped someone and feature it on our blog to help expand our reader’s vocabulary. First up is the word Inculcate, pronounced IN-CULL-CATE. Derek threw this word in a conversation with his Marketing Manager and it caused her to write it down to look up later.

The definition according to Webster’s Dictionary is:

Inculcate-: to teach and impress by frequent repetitions or admonitions

The New York Times seems like this word as well:

“But the greatest challenge may be the need to inculcate character.”
— New York Times, “What’s the Biggest Challenge for Colleges and Universities?” 5 June 2018

We challenge you to try to incorporate this word into your conversation. Follow our blog to learn more about this fun blog series.

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