11 Jan 2019

You mean it can get even more exciting?

This blog is still relatively new to us here at DeCurtis but, as I understand it, I am supposed to drop notes and provide insight from time to time. Ideally, that insight should be about our space and what we do, but I tend to wander pretty far off topic when I write so expect some random things out of me via this blog.

I am Derek Fournier, and I am the President here at DeCurtis Corporation. I am sure Stephanie and the marketing team will have fun making me tell you some uncomfortable stuff about myself to create a connection with those of you who read these posts, but for now, suffice it to say that I am a technology evangelist. I am fortunate to work here at a company that is literally on the forefront of what we call “Transformational Experience Technology.” We have the honor and privilege of helping our clients change lives.

“Change lives? Seriously? Ratchet down the drama.”

Nope. I will not.

We get to dream up new and inventive ways to leverage existing technology, create new technology, and dissect processes to create more natural, seamless and friction-free experiences. It used to be enough in tech to create amazing point solutions. I liken it to my childhood. When I was a kid, we didn’t have Legos™. I had a bucket of building blocks. There was no diagram or set of instructions to follow. There was no predefined pathway to fun as a child. If you wanted to build a castle, you built a castle. My dad was in television repair, so I built facsimiles of televisions with the vacuum tubes and all (yes, I was a geek then too, and yes, I am old.)

Lego™ sets changed the game a bit. They provided the blocks, sure, but they also provided a pathway to a predefined set of fun (maybe a Death Star or Diagon Alley). This experience is different and fun in its own way.

In the space which we play (Cruise, Hospitality, and Events primarily), we get to be the dreamers. We get both experiences (which my kids forcibly created by getting the awesome Lego kit, having their Aunt build it, and then tearing it apart to make their creations out of it.) We get to collaborate with some of the best brands on the planet and help them create memories that last generations.

If you think that is not changing lives, you need to get out more.

So here in this New Year, I hope you all get a chance to create some memories and have some experiences that will last a lifetime or more. We here at DeCurtis will continue trying to help you do that very thing.

Wishing you health and happiness in 2019 and beyond,

Derek Fournier and the team at DeCurtis.  


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